Yeah, We’re Saying She’s a Gold Digger

Unfortunately there are women in this world who are downright gold diggers. They’re only with you for the money that you give them or the things that you’re willing to buy for her. It’s unfair, but you’ve got to learn to spot these women and avoid them. If you’ve already fallen into her trap, don’t be afraid. It’s never too late to get away from a gold digger. The hardest part is to admit that you’ve been played and then get on with your life as fast as you can. Recognize the Symptoms Gold diggers typically come in very few flavors. They’re always beautiful, whether naturally or cosmetically. If it’s not their beauty that captures you then it’s probably some other prominent feature. She might be smarter, more fit, or bolder than other women in her age group. Whatever it is, you can be sure she’ll use it to seduce you. She really won’t like those sentimental gifts you’ve gotten her. Most men strike gold (no pun intended) when they find a great sentimental gift to give to their lady. It means that you’re looking past the idea of it being “just a gift” and paying attention to your relationship. But a gold digger just will not care. Give her…

Win over Her Dog to Win over Her

When you’re trying to impress a woman it doesn’t help to have her dog hate you. Lots of people believe that animals are great judges of character. Women, especially women who live alone, rely on their dog for protection. If you find yourself at a loss for how to warm her heart you should get the mutt to love you. With a recommendation like that you’re sure to see her warm up. Pretend That You like Dogs The dog might not like you because you don’t like dogs. It’s not that it can smell fear on you, or anything. Dogs read body language, and if you hate it it’s going to know. There’s also the fact that most dogs are protective, or at least territorial. That woman you’re trying to put the moves on is that dog’s top priority. It’s an uphill battle, but you can start by pretending that you like dogs. You don’t have to just fake it for your girlfriend. You want to fake it for the dog. Smile at it even when your girlfriend isn’t around. Pet it without immediately wiping your hand off on your pants. Let it sit next to you on the couch. You might have to sacrifice a few outfits to dog…

Why You Should Have a Different Standard for a Hookup than a Girlfriend

A lot of men have serious relationships before they start looking for hookups. If you’ve only had girlfriends before it can be hard to find a woman for a one night stand. You have a lot of things that “need” to be there before you can hookup. You need to relax and accept the fact that your hookups won’t be perfect. In fact, they’ll probably be far from it. This is okay, because your standards need to be different. Hookups Put Sex First Sex is important in a serious relationship, but not as important as general compatibility. Having great chemistry with someone isn’t enough to have a relationship. However, it is enough to have a hookup. Hookups are you chance to go after women who aren’t your type, but you feel a spark towards anyway. It doesn’t even matter if she’s a six as opposed to an eight. For one night, you can slum it with a woman you usually wouldn’t consider. There’s no pressure to perform with a woman you’re not going to see again anyway. You Don’t Have to Deal with Deal Breakers Does you hookup have a laugh that makes you want to listen to gravel in a grinder instead? That doesn’t matter. Does she chain smoke?…

Why You Should Go Sex Toy Shopping With Her

You may be tempted to go to a sex toy shop and bring something back for the woman you’ve been sleeping with, all without giving her any advanced notice that you would be buying something for the two of you to use in bed. Sometimes this can be a great way to spice things up and get a little kinky in bed, but other times this might be an unpleasant surprise for her. Some women just don’t like being surprised with things like that, so you should definitely consider it carefully before you do it-or you could take her shopping for sex toys with you. Going shopping together has some big benefits that you could consider. You Won’t Waste Any Money If you go shopping on your own to bring back something for the two of you to use in bed, you never really know if it’s going to be a hit or a miss. You run the risk each time you choose to buy something without her knowledge that she might not like it or want to use it. Returning sex toys is usually really difficult or just downright impossible, since nobody wants a used dildo or anything like that. However, if you go shopping together, you can make…

Why You Should Go Lingerie Shopping With Her

You have probably been tempted to go out and buy a sexy outfit or some lingerie for your girlfriend or hookup, and maybe you’ve even already done it before. If you’ve done this before, you know that this can sometimes bring quite mixed reactions from the recipient. Some women will be happy to receive lingerie out of the blue while others will be upset or even offended. Going lingerie shopping together can solve most of these issues, so you should broach the subject with your woman and try and gauge her interest. Going shopping with her might usually be a pain, but it can be seriously be worth it to go lingerie shopping with her. You Get to See What She Looks Like in Different Lingerie Sets One of the biggest benefits to going lingerie shopping together is that she will, presumably, let you see what she looks like in the different lingerie outfits you wind up picking out. Sometimes you come across a lingerie set in a store that you think would look perfect on the woman you’re sleeping with, but sometimes your imagination sees things differently than reality. Taking the woman you’re sleeping with out to lingerie shop lets her try on sets that she might be more…

Why Learning How to Cook Can Make You Much More Appealing to Women

You’ve probably seen it before, whether on television or in movies or just in real life itself. Women seem to find men who can cook much more appealing, and some women specifically look for men who are able to cook. This might seem a bit strange to you, but it’s not that strange in reality. Women, even ones that can cook already, enjoy the idea of a guy who will share some kind of domestic qualities with them. Guys that can cook are seen as being hotter than others because they can provide for a woman if she doesn’t want to cook or if she’s bad at it. Learning how to cook can be very beneficial to you in the dating and hookup scene. You Can Have a Romantic Night Being able to cook has benefits for yourself, since you will be able to enjoy making good tasting food regularly, but it also has practical applications when it comes to the dating and hookup scene. Having a romantic night in with your date can be a great way to get her to loosen up and appreciate you more, and this is most easily achieved if you can already actually cook. That way you can have her help you cook and…

Why Giving Her a Massage Can Earn You Serious Brownie Points

If you have been getting bored of the usual types of foreplay when you start hooking up with women regularly, you probably want to try and make things a little bit more interesting. One method of doing this that your woman will be sure to love is giving her a sensual massage. Massages are pretty much universally awesome in almost all contexts, so giving a woman a massage before having sex will definitely set the mood and make things more sensual. To some women, receiving a massage can be like what getting a blowjob can be for guys-she might appreciate it even more than being eaten out. Knowing why giving her a massage will earn you brownie points will help you improve your sex while being beneficial to you, too. It Helps Her Relax Massages are one of the most relaxing things you can ever experience, and you would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t love them. Of course you don’t want your hookup to fall asleep while you massage her, but if you keep the mood sensual and make sure to get her vocal input on the massage you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Doing something that will make her relax before you have sex is…

Why Food Play Isn’t A Good Idea

While a lot of sites out there might try to tell you that food play is a great thing to bring into the bedroom with your hookup, they’re wrong. This is one of those kinks and fetishes that just doesn’t really end up working out in the real world, which might be a shame to some people. For us, it’s just one of those things that you really need to avoid when it comes to health reasons, mess, and honestly, the fact that it’s just not really all that sexy at all. Food play might seem like fun, but trust us, it really just doesn’t end up being that enjoyable at all. It’s Not Healthy A lot of guys might think it’s fun to pour chocolate sauce onto their genitals and have their woman lick it up…or they might end up pouring it on their woman to do the exact same thing. Here’s the thing: nothing sugary ever needs to go near your junk or hers. It’s going to cause a lot of infections, usually of the yeast variety on her, and it can get into some weird places on you that really isn’t going to end up being something you want to deal with. So many people seem to…

What Your Bar Drink Order Tells Her

Whether you just met her at the bar or you’re taking her out for a date your drink order tells a woman a lot about you. If you’re working hard to create a specific impression you should be aware of what these drinks tell a lady. She’s still making up her mind about whether or not to go home with you, so don’t push her the wrong way. Beer If you buy a local micro brewed beer you’ll look like either a hipster or a guy interested in local business. This all falls to the way that you spin it. For the best impression order with a smile and tell her that you really like seeing a local brewery making great products. You’re all in favor of there being more good beer in the world. Drag this out, however, and you’ll sound snooty and rude. If you’re just buying your general draft beer you probably look boring. It’s a sad but true commentary. Unless she ordered the same beer you did, you’re not standing out to her. You’re just another guy who likes beer. Wine Sharing a bottle of red wine with a woman makes you look like a sophisticated romantic. Women love when a man knows things about wine.…

What to Do if You Hate Her Pets

Not everyone is a pet loving person, which can be a problem if you’re dating a woman who loves her pets as though they’re her children. It’s a dilemma that tons of guys who are less than enthusiastic about animals face on a daily basis. Obviously she’s going to want a guy who’s just as charmed by her pets or is at least able to tolerate them. If you’re genuinely interested in her as a long-term relationship prospect but you despise her pets, don’t despair. There are ways to adjust to the furry little critter dilemma. Date Out If the thought of returning to her place where everything is covered with fur and reeks like litter box, there’s a simple solution. Simply make a point of ensuring all your dates happen somewhere other than at her place. Go out for dinner. Go see movies every other week. Hit the club for some drinking and dancing. Go back to your place for an intimate night of wine, TV, and sex. No matter the scenario, it spares you from having to endure a night at her apartment where her way-too-friendly cat happily sheds all over your lap. Fake an Allergy Is it underhanded? Yes. Is it less than honest? Also yes. But…


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