Boundaries For Your Hookup

"It is good to set up rules for your relationship"

“It is good to set up rules for your relationship”

There are a lot of reasons to set boundaries whenever you’re hooking up with a lady, but it’s also important not to end up going too far. Rules can really help you keep your affairs manageable, but you also want to make sure that you’re just not being too strict with the woman that you’re with. Either way, it’s important to establish this sort of thing early on so that you aren’t giving your woman any false expectations. Make sure that you cover these with her in detail before you really end up being in a relationship with her, and the two of you will end up having a much smoother, easier-to-handle hookup overall.

Rules Keep You On Track

Whenever you’re hooking up with a woman, it’s important to talk to her first of all about what you expect from her in the relationship. You should tell her what is okay and what isn’t, and you should also tell her what you’re really looking for. If you’re just there for a casual hookup that consists of a one-night stand, make that clear to her right away. This is how you avoid women that are incredibly clingy and end up expecting a much more dedicated relationship. If you clear this sort of thing up from the start, you’re not going to have to worry about it.

The more firm you are about these rules, the better. You don’t have to be a rude jerk, but this is the foundations of your hookup relationship, and they do mean a lot. It’s going to make the difference between you stressing out over a clingy woman, and you being able to enjoy sex without any strings attached.

What If She Oversteps Them?

"Break up with her before it gets too complicated"

“Break up with her before it gets too complicated”

It’s not always easy to adhere to rules–we know that for a fact. That being said, you need to decide how much to tolerate in your hookups. If she just ends up overstepping the rules that you’ve set once, then it’s okay to forgive her. If she continuously does it and ends up making you feel uncomfortable or like she’s too clingy, then you might want to consider cutting off the relationship.

It’s really up to you and the rules that you’ve set to determine what is an ‘overstep’ and what is just a simple mistake. You never want to end up feeling like you’re trapped in a hookup, so just take everything a day at a time, and see where you end up with her.

Don’t Be A Push-Over

It’s important that you don’t let her walk all over you. You’re here for sex and you’re here to have fun, and if those things just aren’t happening, you might want to end up finding another woman to hookup with. This really also applies if she ends up wanting way too much out of the relationship, so don’t ever feel like you need to tolerate that from her. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and that’s what you always need to remember when you’re hooking up.


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