Choosing Clothes That Complement You

"Choose something that fits you properly"

“Choose something that fits you properly”

The average guy doesn’t pay a huge amount of attention to what he’s wearing. If it’s clean and in one piece, it’s good to go. However, a lot of the time guys choose to wear clothes that aren’t necessarily the most flattering. If you’re new to the dating scene and you want to dress to impress, you’re likely more than a little confused by all the options that are available to you. Fret not, for we’ve compiled a few guidelines for you to follow that will have you looking sharp on date night.

Dress Older, Not Younger

As tempting as it might be to head out on a date wearing the clothes you’re most comfortable in, it’s a bad idea. The reason is that most guys are comfortable in jeans and T-shirts. When you want to make a statement with your appearance, you need to gear your style toward the kind of clothes older men wear as opposed to what younger guys don. Thinks sport jackets and tailored shirts. When a woman sees you looking hot in threads that are classy and fit you well, she’s going to realize that you take some pride in your appearance.

Don’t Buy Into Trends

"Buy colors according to your preference"

“Buy colors according to your preference”

Don’t bother dropping a couple hundred dollars on a pair of ripped and faded jeans. Yeah, they might be all the rage now, but we assure you that in less than a year that style will be obsolete. Not every guy can afford an amazing wardrobe. Just because you’re limited by budget, however, doesn’t mean you can’t shop for a select few pieces that really make you look good. So instead of throwing substantial wads of cash away on current, trendy designs, try investing that money into some pieces of classic menswear that will never go out of fashion.

Dress According to Your Preferences

We’re not saying that you need to wear T-shirts and jeans on every day. We’re not. We’re saying that even when you dress outside of your comfort zone, try to incorporate elements that you prefer. For example, if you’re escorting her to her friend’s wedding and you’re wearing a suit, don’t be afraid to add some color or wear a tie that you enjoy. Most shirts beneath a suit are white or light blue. There’s nothing wrong with going with a green or darker blue if that’s what you prefer. Just don’t choose something so obnoxiously bright that it draws attention from the bride to you. The same applies for ties. It’s okay to wear a tie that’s got small, subtle colors and patterns on it. Steer away from neon colors or large, blotchy designs.

Invest in a Sport Coat

A sport coat is an integral part of any guy’s wardrobe. Invest in one made of wool that’s a dark semi-solid or solid fabric. A sport jacket can be used to either dress down or dress up, which is what makes them such a valuable and interchangeable part of your wardrobe. Wearing a sport coat with jeans can make you look just as sharp as if you wear it with dress slacks.


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