Cover Up Your Smoking Habit to Score

"Many women don't like men who smoke"

“Many women don’t like men who smoke”

She’s gorgeous. She’s into the same things you are. She wants to hook up right now. She hates smokers. What can you do? There’s no reason to write this off as a lost cause. If you want to cover up the fact that you’re a smoker and get the woman you want, follow these short-term solutions to cover up your smoking habit with camo techniques and habits more easy for her to accept.

Tell Her Someone Was Smoking near You

If you can, tell her that you were at a sports bar before you head over to her place. Sure, not all bars allow smoking inside anymore, but it’s easy to believe that there was a crowd outside that lights up a few. If she already knows that you’ve been chilling at home, tell her that you mixed your clothes in with your roommates, and he smokes. This is a good time to point out that your clothes should be all fresh washed, if possible. That’s a good hookup tip whether you smoke or not.

Keep a Pocket Toothbrush Handy

"Keep a pocket toothbrush with you all the time"

“Keep a pocket toothbrush with you all the time”

If you met her at a club and she wants to head home with you, you can avert disaster by keeping a pocket toothbrush handy. These little things are fully disposable, come with minty fresh toothpaste already applied, and can sit in your wallet next to the condom in case opportunity strikes. It will only take a couple minutes to give your mouth a once over of freshness. Hit the men’s room before you take her home and have a chance to deploy it.

Eat Something with a Heavy Flavor

This is more along the lines of a last ditch attempt. If you’re going home with her but have time for a bite to eat, get something with garlic or anise. These intense flavors are exactly the kind of thing that you need to clean out the rather lingering taste of nicotine. They won’t exactly get rid of the taste, but they can muddle it up enough to confuse her. These things work more than chewing a gum. Gum just puts a minty overlay over the smoke, not disguises the flavor. This is a risky move, however. She might not want to be with your anchovy breath anymore than she wants to kiss a smoker.

Spritz on Musky Cologne

Once again, you’re playing with fire. A heavy cologne can be a turn off to a lot of ladies, but it can also be your cover story. Tell her that it’s cologne that’s supposed to carry a touch of smokiness-why, does she smell more? Play the innocent and tell her that you won’t wear it again if it bothers her, but it’s not going to be coming off for a while. Suggest a shower together to help get it off.

These are all for hookups, not girlfriends. You can’t hide something like smoking from a girlfriend for long. With these tips you could be able to hide it from a hookup just long enough.


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