Domestic Hobbies That Make You Seem Manlier

When you think of manly hobbies, probably the last thing you would think of would be anything even remotely domestic. However, when you hit the dating scene you might be surprised to find that hobbies you might have otherwise thought of as being domestic or not manly at all are actually quite appealing to women. In this case, what matters isn’t really how manly something is, but how much women will be attracted to it. This is the time to put away the card games as hobbies and take up something that women will find more attractive.

Cooking Can Be a Serious Attractor

"Women love men who know cooking"

“Women love men who know cooking”

Knowing how to cook can be really attractive to women, especially if you’re quite good at it. This is the modern age, where more and more men are looking to cook so that they can feed themselves healthy – or at least delicious – food while they live on their own. Women might not be specifically looking for men who can cook, but it will most certainly be an attracting factor. Cooking for a woman can be surprisingly attractive to her, so you should take every opportunity to take advantage of your newfound hobby or skills in order to impress her with all kinds of cuisine.

Baking Will Bring You Bounds of Luck

Baking is sometimes a bit more difficult than normal cooking, but if you find that you enjoy it, you should cultivate the skill. Women will appreciate a man who can bake just as much as a man who can cook, perhaps even more so if you offer to make them brownies or chocolate chip cookies when they don’t feel well. The way to a woman’s heart can be through her stomach just as often as this is true for men, so don’t shy away from learning how to work the oven. Besides, if you have a sweet tooth you will be doing yourself a huge favor anyway, and what could be bad about that?

Have a Good Fashion Sense

"Have a good dressing sense"

“Have a good dressing sense”

While this may not be domestic, it is certainly a hobby that isn’t usually seen as being manly, but it will attract women to you even more. Having a good fashion sense and brushing up on your fashion terminology will give you something you can talk to women about that they usually never get to discuss with men at all. Not only that, but you will inevitably wind up improving your appearance because of your new knowledge. This will only benefit you when it comes to the dating scene, since women are always attracted to well-groomed men over guys who have no fashion sense. Make sure to be flirtatious and open once you become a male fashionista, because women might assume you are gay because you seem too good to be true. As long as you make it clear that you’re still on the market for women and women only, becoming fashionable is a surprisingly good way to attract more women.


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