Foreplay Before You Meet Up

"Make her feel sexy"

“Make her feel sexy”

Believe it or not, foreplay doesn’t have to start when you finally meet up in the bedroom. It can be going on long before that point, and that’s something that you need to master the art of through e-mails, texts, and phone calls. It’s important to remember that foreplay isn’t just something you do by touching your lady; it’s all in what you say and how you act with her, and that’s going to get her going way more than any touch before you actually end up meeting the sexy hookup you found online. This is something you really do need to master, but fortunately, we’ve got the best advice to share with you in that regard.

Learn How to Chat Her Up

The right e-mail is really going to get her going, and this is something that you’re always going to have to remember whenever you’re out and looking for a hookup online. Once you’ve got a woman interested, you have to keep her that way, and the key to this is to really not be overly sexual. It’s all a matter of talking about her body and about yours, too, and how you felt while you were doing certain things and thinking of her. Women thrive off of things that aren’t overtly sexual at first, and this is why it’s important to keep things hot, but not sleazy. The more you end up talking about bodily functions, the more she’s going to be turned off. Talk about sensations instead, and she’s going to end up being putty in your hands.

Be Careful With Sexting

A lot of people love sexting, but it’s not always the best medium for bringing foreplay into your hookup before you actually end up meeting her. This is because a lot of people opt for really clunky chat speak, and that’s really not going to do you any favors in getting her fired up and wanting more. We know this from experience, so seriously: take the time to really type out sensual messages over the phone, and you’ll end up seeing a lot more progress with your woman.

If you do end up sexting with her and message limits are something of an issue, we still suggest that you stay way away from chat speak and abbreviations. Ladies think it’s sexy when you actually have good grammar, believe it or not, so don’t forget that whenever you’re trying to flirt with her over writing.

The Phone is Good, Though

"Talk dirty with her"

“Talk dirty with her”

Phone sex is an amazing method of foreplay before you even end up meeting up with her. Even if the two of you only end up chatting about your fantasies, that’s something that’s going to really have her thinking about you…and what you want to do with her. It’s up to you how detailed you want to be in this, and how comfortable the two of you are when it comes to talking about sex and sexual acts out loud. We highly recommend you give it a shot, though, because she’ll be raring to go by the time she hooks up with you.


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