Four Subtle Cues That She’s Brushing You Off

It can be hard to tell whether or not a woman is giving you the brush off. A lot of women don’t want to be harsh and rude, so they just don’t tell you when they’re not interested. This means you waste your time when there’s no chance. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You don’t want to stick around for anyone who doesn’t want you. These signs mean that she’s trying to give you a hint. Take it and find someone eager to have you.

Short Replies

"She is ignoring you dude!"

“She is ignoring you dude!”

Is she moving the conversation forward when you talk to her? She won’t always say things like “leave me alone.” Her brush offs might be more along the lines of “lol ok.” If she never or very rarely adds anything to the conversation you should take that as a clue. Consistently short replies are a major red flag. A shy woman will still make the effort. A woman who’d rather you didn’t talk to her will just keep her replies under fifty characters.

She Brings up Other Women

A woman who wants you isn’t going to keep bringing up ladies her own age. She wants to be the only woman in the world as far as you know. If she’s always bringing up her single coworkers, friends, sisters, and so forth she’s trying to shake you off her tail. Jealousy is a natural part of any relationship, and it should be starting before you’re even together. Talking up other women is a hint that you should skip talking to her and try to chat up someone else. Take her advice; you don’t have to waste your time with something that’s going no where.

Doesn’t Talk about Personal Life

"She is not going to tell you anything about herself"

“She is not going to tell you anything about herself”

A woman who wants you would be trying to boost your intimacy. She’d be telling you details about her personal life and trying to get you involved. She’d want your attention. A woman who just wants to be friends will give you the brush off by sticking to friends only topics of conversation. This might include television shows you both watch, but won’t go much beyond that. She probably won’t even gossip with you about mutual acquaintances so much because it invites questions about her personal life.

Makes Plans into Jokes

If you try to suggest doing something together and her response is, “Haha, that’s totally funny!” your ship has sunk. She doesn’t want you and she’s giving you the chance to bow out gracefully. Don’t stick around to get your feelings hurt, and definitely don’t give her the impression that she’s breaking your heart. Laugh it off and go off to meet her attractive friend. There’s no reason to waste your time.

When a woman uses these signals she’s trying to be nice. She doesn’t want to hurt you, so why force her to? By picking up on these cues you can end your advances before things get awkward for either of you.


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