How to Handle a Drunk (And Still Have a Good Time)

"Can someone stop her? Please"

“Can someone stop her? Please”

The dating game isn’t always pretty. We’ve all had to contend with less than ideal dates or unexpected occurrences. The best way to handle an awkward situation is to roll with it and not stress out. However, sometimes those awkward situations can escalate pretty quickly. A prime example of this type of situation is if you’re date has a tendency to drink far too much. Going out with a woman who imbibes more alcohol than you and at a faster pace can be a recipe for a disaster. Thankfully there are a couple ways you can take control of the situation and either prevent the worst from happening or salvage what’s left of the date.

Take Control

"Be nice and drop her at her house"

“Be nice and drop her at her house”

If you’ve gone out with her before and noticed that she tends to over-indulge when it comes to booze, you can take certain steps to ensure it doesn’t happen often. Take control of your dating scenarios. Invite her over for a romantic dinner at your place and neglect to include wine with the meal. Take her out to movies or other places where alcohol isn’t served. If you go out to a sports game, insist on sharing her drink with her in order to slow and lower her consumption rate.

Talk to Her About it

If you’ve seen her in action when she’s drunk and it isn’t pretty, it’s not a bad idea to mention it to her. First you need to seriously consider how you feel about her. If you genuinely like her and are interested in pursuing a relationship, it might be the best idea to tell her that you’re not a fan of how she acts when she’s loaded. If you’re just hanging out with her for sex, it might be in your best interest to not say a word. She may not be aware of just how bad she gets when she’s had too much to drink. She may be mortified by what you tell her and be willing to drink in moderation from this point forth. Or, she may just ignore your advice and keep going the way she’s been going in which case you need to decide if it’s a deal-breaker or not.

Keep Calm

Some people turn mean and vindictive when they’re drunk. If she’s saying things that are hurtful and deliberately provocative after she’s had a few, try to keep a cool head. Remind yourself that it’s the alcohol talking. Arguing with a drunk is futile. It’s best just to keep quiet. However, if she’s crossed the line into being cruel, it may be time to reconsider your decision to keep dating her.

Be Responsible

Even if she’s an obnoxious drunk, it’s on you to ensure that she arrives home safe at the end of the night. Don’t let her drive home. Even if you’re not spending the night with her or vice versa, take a cab with her and make sure she gets into her home all right. Don’t let her start fights with other women or men. It may suck to have to look after her this way, but it’s the responsible thing to do. Once the night is over or you’ve made sure she got home safely, you can concentrate on enjoying yourself again.


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