How to Pick a Rebound Girl

"It is good to have someone by your side after a breakup"

“It is good to have someone by your side after a breakup”

When you’re first hitting the town again after a nasty breakup it can be hard to know what to do. You’re not over your ex, but you’re ready to be under someone else. When done right getting a rebound girl can be the best thing that happens to your confidence. If you do it wrong you can end up prolonging the recovery process. These are the things you should look for in a rebound.

Traits from Your Ex

This might be counter-intuitive, but you need to find a woman with things in common with your ex. They don’t have to be huge things, just one or two ideas that strongly remind you of her. It can be as simple as the way she styles her hair or as complex as a similar sense of humor. Whatever it is, you have to associate your ex with this new woman strongly enough so that when you end the relationship with her you get the satisfaction of ending your last real relationship the way it should have gone: on your terms. This provides the mental boost that makes a rebound so effective. You can live vicariously and then finally move on from the bad breakup.

Branch out from Your Type

"Find a girl who is completely different in nature as compared to your ex"

“Find a girl who is completely different in nature as compared to your ex”

You shouldn’t date a carbon copy of your ex, though. You also shouldn’t be ruining your chances with a great woman you might actually want a relationship with. This is why you should take this as a chance to date outside of your usual type. Online dating is great for this. The Internet is full of great ladies from all walks of life with different styles who are looking for a man right now. This means that you can browse around and find that woman who fits specific things about your ex but is still wildly different. If you normally like bubbly, pretty in pink ladies try a high power businesswoman for a fling. The change of pace will be refreshing and you won’t be ruining your chances with one of the local women who fits your usual taste.

Take an Offer You Turned Down

If you’re impatient or you want to get back on the horse ASAP then go through your little black book. There’s always a woman who wanted you that you turned down. Maybe she flirted heavily at every office celebration but you didn’t feel like dating a coworker. Maybe she’s a waitress at your local bar who always manages to get you something on the house. You know she’s interested, but for one reason or another you never settled on her. Take this chance to make her your rebound. She’ll get what she’s wanted for a while, have that fling, and when she discovers you’re only human the break up will be quick and easy. If you wanted her for anything more than this, you could have had her already, right?

Rebound girls are the great stepping stone between getting over your ex and getting back into another relationship. To make it work, however, make sure that you’re the one who does the breaking up. End things on your terms and you’ll get your confidence back.


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