How to React When She Wants to Try Something Weird

Usually when you start hooking up with women, you will feel like you’re the one who always wants to try something weird and the women you’re hooking up with will view it with disdain or disgust. However, you might run into the uncommon situation where it is the woman who comes up with something that you would normally be grossed out or at least extremely weirded out by. It can be difficult to know how to react in this kind of situation, so if you plan on continuing the relationship or fling at all, you need to think of how to react.

Don’t Express Disgust

"Don't get angry on her"

“Don’t get angry on her”

The most important thing to do if you want to have any chance of keeping the relationship going is that you should never immediately express disgust with her fantasy or request. Nothing will hurt her feelings more, and nothing will make any possibility for a future relationship sink more quickly than acting disgusted. Even if what she suggested was disturbing to you, you should bite back your kneejerk reaction of being grossed out and try to hold onto it so you don’t let it slip. You can express confusion and maybe uncertainty if you want, but try not to make a face or tell her that what she wants is disgusting.

Think About Her Request Carefully

"Do not say no to her request immediately"

“Do not say no to her request immediately”

Unless her fantasy or request really and truly disgusts you down to your core, you should take some time to think about what she requested. You might not be as grossed out by the thought as you originally assumed you were, so take some time to consider it. Let her know you need time to think about it, and take the time that you need to properly consider the situation. If what she asked for is something that disgusts you or disturbs you to your core, you should probably let her down easily. However, if the idea is just something that you have never really considered or you are uncertain about, but willing to try, you should let her know that you may be willing to give it a shot. Let her know what you think, and be honest. If you have doubts you should voice them so that you can work through it as quickly as possible.

Let Her Down Gently and Move Along

If what she wants is just too weird for you, or it’s something that you can’t see yourself ever being comfortable with, the key is to let her down gently. Don’t shame her for her fantasies, just tell her that you are not interested or you’re uncomfortable with it. If it seems like something she really wants to do, you may need to cut your losses and let her down easy before ending the relationship and moving on to someone else. However it needs to go, try to be as accepting as possible so you don’t make her feel like a weirdo, even if you might really think she is.


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