Hygiene to Focus on For Your Hookup

"Take a shower before your hookup"

“Take a shower before your hookup”

While it’s common sense to shower before you end up meeting with your next gorgeous hookup, there are a few things that a lot of guys kind of gloss over. These are the things that are actually incredibly important to ladies out there, but for some reason, we always end up forgetting them. By knowing really what to focus on, however, you’ll actually end up being a real crowd pleaser, and you’ll end up having dates coming back to you again and again for more hookups. Fortunately, these are simple things, and really don’t take that much out of your time.

Clean Your Junk

It’s actually shocking how many guys just forget to really give their penis and everything else attached a good scrub. Think of all the things you want your woman to do with your junk. If you have it clean and smelling fresh, then she’s really going to be that much more gung-ho about it. This is why we highly recommend that you spend a little bit of extra time cleaning down there. If you take the time to do that, she’s going to notice, and she might even end up remarking on how much better it tastes and smells than any other guy’s. This will really earn you more points than you could imagine, so take the time to scrub and smell nice down there if you know what’s good for you and your future in the land of hookups.


A lot of guys take the time to shave their faces and what have you, but women want more nowadays. They want a man that has a shaved chest, and they also like a man that takes the time to groom their pubic hair. While this isn’t going to be the case with every single woman underneath the sun, it’s good to ask what your hookup prefers. This will really earn you some brownie points, because trust us, women don’t want to be picking out hair from their teeth. They also might want to cuddle up to a guy that has a nice, smooth chest, and if that’s the case, then take the time to make it happen. She’ll appreciate it, and she’ll also end up being that much more eager to be close to you in bed.

Watch Those Fingernails

"Make sure your finger nails are clean and tidy"

“Make sure your finger nails are clean and tidy”

Unsurprisingly, we don’t usually think about the state of our hands. Considering where your fingers might end up going and touching whenever you’re hooking up with a lady, however, it’s a good idea to start thinking about them. If you take the time to really clip and file down your nails, it’s going to be appreciated. This means that you’re not going to have any jagged hang nails that end up ruining your evening by accidentally scratching her. This also means that if you take the time to clean them, she’ll notice, and she’ll know that you’re overall a much cleaner person than most of the guys out there that she’s been dealing with prior.


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