Is Sending Nudes a Bad Move?

"She might not be ready for your nude pic yet"

“She might not be ready for your nude pic yet”

While there are a few exceptions, most women do not operate in the same manner as men. Many men see a woman and we automatically begin thinking about what she looks like out of her clothes and sprawled out on our beds. When women see an attractive man, they will admire his body, but they will also want to know more about him as a person. When a woman ends up seeing your nudes before she gets to know you, you may risk her losing interest in you right away. The reason this happens is because she will automatically assume that you are like every other man who openly and willingly sends nudes to women.

Leave Something to the Imagination

"Talk dirty but do not send your nude pictures"

“Talk dirty but do not send your nude pictures”

Believe it or not, women like to chase men just as much as we like to chase them. If a woman is seeing your nudes too soon, she may lose interest in you. When a woman sees your nudes before the two of you have had sex, she will be able to judge whether or not she wants to have sex with you based on what she sees. If she’s not impressed, you may not ever hear from her again. Women do not want you to be too easy to get ahold of. She wants to make sure her chase is worth it in the end. Another thing you have to worry about is the fact that once you send nudes to her, she will think that you send nudes to practically any woman that shows interest in you. When she thinks this way, she will also think that you sleep around too often or that you wouldn’t be able to handle being in a committed relationship if the two of you ever ended up in one.

Women do not like being bored and if you show her your nudes too early, she will become bored with you. Even if the two of you have great chemistry, she will already know what you have and it won’t feel like she’s getting any type of surprises, and you know how much women love surprises.

Blackmail Material

Another risk you run into when you send nudes is that the women you send them to can use them to blackmail you. You will never know what a woman is up to. If you start dating and break up, she may still have your nudes. She can post them all over the Internet and there won’t be much you can do about it. She can also do things like sending nudes to her friends, your friends, or even your girlfriend if you happen to be trying to juggle more than one woman. The last thing you want is her holding your private photos as hostage.

Deciding when to send nudes can be tricky. You may want to send them really badly, especially if she’s promising you that she’ll send you some of hers as well. You should definitely take some time to really weigh the pros and cons before you send her nudes.


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