Is Your Facial Hair a Turnoff for Her?

"Does this beard suit me?"

“Does this beard suit me?”

Many times, men do not realize that their facial hair can be a huge turnoff for women for various reasons. A lot of men think that this is women being shallow, but remember that everyone has their preferences. If you never shave your mustache or beard and are having difficult time meeting women, your facial hair may be the key reason why.

Up Close and Personal

"Some women actually love facial hair on men"

“Some women actually love facial hair on men”

Even though it’s attached to your face, you may not be aware of what’s going on with and in your thick beard or mustache. While it’s true that your facial hair is an expression of who you are, the truth is that it can definitely be a turnoff to some women. If you have a particularly long or bushy beard, it may make some women think that you are messy even if everything else about you is neat and clean. If that isn’t bad enough, because your facial hair sits below your line of sight, you may not be aware of all the things like food, lint, and bits of paper that may be tangled up inside of it. Believe it or not, you facial hair may even have an odor to it that you aren’t aware of.

The grade of hair your facial hair can also play a huge role in regards to turning her off. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a good grade of hair that can pull off even the shaggiest of beards, you may be okay. However, if you have extremely fine hair, you beard may end up looking limp and scraggly. If you have overly coarse hair, you beard may end up looking thick and knotty hair. It seems like only a select few women prefer either of these types of beards.

Enlist Help

If you’re trying to decide whether your facial hair is a turnoff for women, there are several ways you can go about figuring it out. You don’t want to rely on your friends and family for this as most of them are going to lie to you to spare your feelings. Instead, you can try posting a photo of yourself online on a forum or social media website. You may want to make sure you’re not showing your entire face or that you’re at least using an alias before you begin. When you post your photos, ask women what they think about your facial hair. More often than not, you’ll get nothing but honesty on the Internet. However, keep in mind that you may run into a couple of trolls who will only say negative things about you.

If don’t want random people on the Internet giving you their opinion, try going to a hairstylist. Most of them have a good eye and will know exactly what to do to make sure your facial hair looks its best.

While you may be reluctant to do anything different to your facial hair, always keep in mind that it’s just hair and even if you cut it off, it will grow back. The only way to find out if it’s causing a problem for you is experimenting with it.


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