Knowing if She Wants to Be Sexted

"Send her a sext and judge her reaction"

“Send her a sext and judge her reaction”

Sexting can be a great way to get a woman hot and bothered without having to be there in person to touch her or see her. Strangely enough, women seem to be really responsive to mental stimulus like reading or imagining fantasies whereas guys are mostly visual. You can use this to your advantage by sexting her, which can get her worked up while you’re not even nearby. This can be a perfect way to get her ready for a night of sex, but the first issue is making sure that she actually wants to be sexted. There are a few ways to figure this out and you should be careful to make sure she wants it before you give it a shot.

Talk Dirty to Her and Gauge Her Reaction

If you’ve tried talking dirty to her before, you may not need to bother with this step and you may already know whether or not she would be receptive to sexting. Try talking dirty to your woman in bed and see how she reacts. If she seems into it, you may be able to sext her and get her worked up easily from far away. If she doesn’t seem to particularly enjoy it, it may just be that she does not enjoy dirty talk in bed but it can get her worked up in the form of sexting. She might also just not be into the kinds of words you use when you attempt dirty talk, so try to explore a broad range of vocabulary choices when you start to test her reactions. If she seems neutral you may still be able to get her into sexting, so don’t give up hope.

Send a Few Experimental Texts

Never start out with the hardcore sexting, but express interest in the idea of it by sending her naughty or flirtatious text messages. Telling her how much you’re looking forward to seeing her that evening may be a perfect way of getting the sexting train rolling. Simple flirtatious texts that push the border of what might be appropriate in normal conversation are also good starters. If she seems to be responding well, ramp it up slowly so you don’t go too far all at once. The more you describe how much you want her and what you want to do with her, the more turned on she’s likely to get.

Just Ask Her About It

"Talk dirty and ask her how she feels?"

“Talk dirty and ask her how she feels?”

If all else fails, just man up and ask her straight up if she would be interested in sexting or if she finds it weird. It won’t be the end of the world if you can’t sext her, but it’s always good to be upfront about what you want. She might surprise you with her answer, and maybe she has been wanting to give it a shot for a while but she didn’t know how to ask. Whatever the case, if nothing else seems to work, the upfront approach rarely fails.


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