Knowing When She Wants You to Kiss Her

"Go more close and tempt her to kiss you"

“Go more close and tempt her to kiss you”

When you start going out on dates and meeting women regularly, you will probably start wondering what you can do at the end of a first date. Women who will sleep with you after the first date are somewhat rare, so you shouldn’t get your hopes up for that right away, but women often want to kiss you on the first date and you might not have even known it. Knowing the signs that a woman gives when she wants to be kissed and being able to recognize them will make the first date awkwardness much easier on you, and it will allow you to advance your relationship much more easily.

Test Her With Touch

One easy way to tell if a woman is ready to be kissed is how she responds to your casual touches. Try brushing your fingers across her arm or hand frequently and see how she reacts to being touched by you. If she seems to lean closer to you and smile when you touch her, you should be good to go to lean in for a kiss. If she doesn’t seem to notice, you may want to hold off on the kissing for a little while until you can get her attention in a more romantic way. Either way, you should have a strong chance of being able to kiss her later on, especially if you are on a date. Keep an eye out for if she seems uncomfortable with you touching her. This isn’t a deal breaker, but you may want to slow things down and keep it casual for a while.

Flirt First

"Flirt with her to get her in mood"

“Flirt with her to get her in mood”

Flirting is the perfect way to tell if a woman really wants to kiss you. Start flirting with her and hold eye contact while you do it. If she doesn’t seem to know what to say, you may want to back off slightly. However, if she seems amused or a little nervous but happy, and she holds eye contact with you as much as possible, chances are that she’s really into you. This is usually when you can make your move and lean in for a kiss.

Watch Where Her Eyes Go

You may not usually notice this, but women who want to be kissed make it very obvious through their gazes. If she’s really thinking about kissing you but she wants you to take the initiative, then more often than not she is going to be flicking her gaze from your eyes to your lips. Keep an eye on her and look out for this sign, because it can almost never be mistaken for something unless – unless you have spinach in your teeth, of course. This is a really common nonverbal cue that women use when they want the guy to lean in for the kiss but they are too shy to ask for it. When you finally do decide to go for it, be confident, not shy! Women who want to be kissed will appreciate the boldness.


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