Learning How to Compliment Women’s Outfits Without Sounding Dumb

"Tell her that she looks great in red color"

“Tell her that she looks great in red color”

Knowing how to compliment women can sometimes be difficult, especially if you barhop a lot and you’re getting tired of throwing the usual compliments around. Women are also used to hearing the same thing all the time, so if you give her something new she might take much more interest in what you have to say. Complimenting a woman’s clothing choices can be a great way to break the ice and offer her a type of compliment she isn’t used to hearing, but you want to be able to do it in a way that won’t make you sound stupid.

Don’t Mention Brands Unless You Know For Sure

Women seem to have a massive amount of knowledge about fashion even if they claim not to be fashionable. Even if you have never heard of a brand, chances are that a woman will know it. Because of this, it’s best to stay away from mentioning brand names when complimenting her outfit and discussing fashion no matter what. Chances are that you will be mistaken, and she may either take it as an insult or she’ll find it humorous. Either way, you want to avoid namedropping big brands unless you’re certain that it’s what she is wearing. Otherwise you may come off as being ignorant or simply trying too hard, both things you want to avoid.

Compliment how She Looks in the Outfit

"Compliment her dressing sense"

“Compliment her dressing sense”

The best and easiest way to compliment a woman’s outfit is to simply compliment her on how she makes the clothes look. Focus on how good she makes an outfit work, and try to go for the angle that she makes it look better than any other woman would. Even if you do not understand the fashion she’s wearing, compliment how she accents the clothing and how the shape accentuates her figure. If you can think of anything to comment on the colors she wears, those are generally safe bets too. Tell her that she looks well-put together and fashionable and you cannot really go wrong.

Stay Away from Negative Phrases

This is generally common knowledge with any kind of compliment, but stay away from negative phrases. Don’t tell her that other women would look trashy in her outfit, but she pulls it off. This may sound like a compliment to you but she most likely will not take it as one. You should avoid mentioning anything about her figure unless it is purely complimentary and has nothing to do with how thick or thin she is. Avoid using phrases about her weight – just tell her that she has amazing curves instead of bringing weight into it. Weight is always an extremely touchy topic for women, so you are safer if you stay far away from it and try to find something else to say. Make sure your compliments come across as being as sincere as possible so that she can’t possibly take it any other way, and you should be safe.


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