Nicknames that Annoy Her

"Okay sorry. I thought you would like that name"

“Okay sorry. I thought you would like that name”

Whether you’re already dating her or you’re trying to grab her interest in the club, calling a woman by an annoying nickname can completely ruin your chances of getting her to be interested in you. You may think certain nicknames are cute or compliments to women, but many times they have the opposite effect. Before you call a woman by anything other than her name, make sure what you’re saying won’t be insulting to her.

Stop Calling Her Ma or Mami

Unless it’s a part of your culture, you should not be using Spanish words slang to pick up women, especially if the women you’re trying to pick up aren’t Spanish or of Spanish origin. Women do not enjoy being called ‘ma’ or ‘mami’ if it is not a part of their culture. In fact, there have been numerous times where a few of us have been told, “I’m not your mother,” or “Do I look your mother to you?” Some of them even roll their eyes and keep walking. All of these responses can leave you feeling pretty embarrassed, especially if other people are around to witness it.

Ma and Mami are not the only nicknames that you should stop using to grab a woman’s attention. You should also remove “baby,” “sexy,” “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” and similar nicknames from your vocabulary if you’re only using them to grab a woman’s attention. While you may think that calling a woman sexy or beautiful is a compliment, it can actually be seen as an insult depending on how it is used. For example, if you wanted to pick up a woman and you said, “Excuse me. I don’t mean to bother you, but you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen…” It will definitely be seen as a compliment. However, if you were to say something like, “Hey, beautiful. Can I talk to you for a minute?” It would be considered insulting and a huge turnoff. The reason for this is because the first example puts the focus on her. The latter example focuses on you.

Don’t Call Her a Body Part

"Call her by a cute nickname that makes her happy"

“Call her by a cute nickname that makes her happy”

If you’ve just started dating a woman and you want to call her a nickname, you should avoid calling her anything based off of her body. Even if you love her legs and she knows it, do not call her something like “legs,” or “long legs.” It will start to make her think that you are only interested in her because of her body and nothing more. She may be proud of her body, and she may be aware and accepting of the fact that you enjoy looking at it, but it tends to irritate her when you don’t bother to call her a name and only focus on her physical attributes.

Nicknames can be great terms of endearment if you’re using them correctly. However, it is always best to make sure that the nickname you’re using for a woman is something that won’t insult them. It’s honestly as simple as just asking her permission.


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