Should You Tell Her that You’re A Virgin?

Deciding to tell a woman if you’re a virgin or not can be difficult. You may not want to tell her in fear of her reaction. However, at the same time, you may want to tell her so that she knows to take her time with you. Before you decide if you should tell her or not, make sure you know of the advantages and disadvantages.

The Disadvantage

"She will know that you are not good in bed"

“She will know that you are not good in bed”

Deciding to tell a woman that you’re a virgin can definitely have its downside. Many times women will think that a man won’t be any good in bed if he’s a virgin. She won’t even bother to ask if you have ever done anything else with another woman. When you tell her that she’s a virgin, she will automatically assume that any type of sexually related activity is foreign to you. To some women, this is a huge turn off because she will feel as though she will have to teach you everything. She will also feel like sex with you won’t be enjoyable because she will assume that you won’t last long or that you won’t be willing to do things that other more experienced men would be willing to do.

Another negative aspect of telling her that you’re a virgin is that she will also assume that you won’t be well endowed enough to please her. When a woman finds out that you’re a virgin, she begins to assume that there is a reason why you’re a virgin and that reason is that you don’t have enough to please the typical woman. If the two of you are hooking up for a no-strings fling, she may also assume that you will become clingy after losing your virginity to her.

The Advantage

"She'll teach you some amazing sex positions"

“She’ll teach you some amazing sex positions”

While the disadvantages to revealing to a woman that you’re a virgin may seem staggering, there are also some advantages to sharing this information with her. There are plenty of women around who have never been with a virgin, and those women may be more than honored to help you experience your first time. These women are usually playful and gentle and will do their best to make sure that you are getting to do whatever you have wanted to do when it comes to sex. Another good thing about these types of women is that they won’t assume that you have never done anything sexually related. Usually, women who are fine with you being a virgin will take the time out to ask if you have ever done anything else sexually to see what she has to work with.

Women who are okay with you being a virgin may also be willing to do more stuff with you. In fact, finding out that you are a virgin may increase your chances of having oral or anal sex with her. This is because she wants to be a great teacher and someone that you always think fondly about. Just like with men, it is a pride thing. Always take some time to take a woman’s personality into account before you reveal whether or not you’re a virgin to her.


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