Showing Her You’re Not Like the Other Guys

"Show her that you are different"

“Show her that you are different”

Women who are on the dating scene are pretty much constantly being bombarded by tons of other guys who want their attention just as badly as you do. This can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd and it may become a source of anxiety for you if you’re not sure how to make yourself stand out. However, since these women are dealing with so many guys on a regular basis, there are sure to be mannerisms and habits that she’s sick of encountering. If you know what women dislike about most guys, you can show her that you’re not like them and be able to really stand out from the crowd.

Be Polite, Not Crass

Women are used to being approached by guys who immediately go for the cheesy and crass pick up line that they’ve probably already heard a million times. Other guys who lack even more class are likely to approach her with a blatant sexual come-on, which she’s sure to not appreciate. If you learn to approach women with a polite and friendly demeanor, you will gain much more attention than if you act like she’s a piece of meat – no matter how much you actually just want to get her into bed.

Always show that you’re not just a lame, wimpy guy when you go for the polite approach. Otherwise you run the risk of women ignoring you for someone more direct. You want to be bold and direct without being crass or rude or overtly sexual, and while this can be a difficult balance to maintain, it is absolutely worth it for the way women will perceive you. They’ll notice that you stick out from the other guys who approach them and they will most likely be thankful to meet someone who doesn’t treat them the same way all the other guys do. You gain points just by not being afraid to approach them.

Don’t Play the Bad Boy Shtick

"Do not act like a bad boy"

“Do not act like a bad boy”

Some guys who are used to being turned down for the more rebellious or douchey guy might have gotten used to falling into playing the bad boy shtick. You should always try to remember that women don’t really want a criminal for a boyfriend. The part of the bad boy image that appeals to women is usually the bold behavior, aggressiveness and outspokenness. If you can approach a woman without being shy, you will do fine. If you try hard to make her feel bad before trying to strike up conversation, she will not go after you like you might think. The key is to be confident and polite while showing her that you are bold and direct about what you want. Try not to be obnoxious or try too hard to get her attention, however, or else you run the risk of looking completely desperate. Desperation is what usually drives women away from the nicer guys and to the bad boys, so be wary of whether or not you seem desperate for her attention.


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