Speed Dating: Kicking Your Relationship Up a Notch

Speed dating is by no means a new phenomenon. A bunch of singles get together and have about a minute to get to know another single. It’s a pretty basic concept. Some people might think that speed dating is for those who can’t get a lady on their own. That’s not true. Speed dating can ramp up your relationship with that person from the very beginning.

The Pros

"Speed dating can give an excellent start to your relationship"

“Speed dating can give an excellent start to your relationship”

By the time you’ve come to terms with wanting to get a serious relationship you’re probably going to be over the whole club scene. Sure the slutty women there will jump you in a heartbeat, but how long will they stick around after you get it on? Speed dating is a place to go where you can get down to business. You want to date seriously and so do they. Of course you could go online and try to get a woman there, but there are some serious issues waiting. What if that hot little veterinarian is actually Billy Bob, the mechanic from the next city over? Most women online are actually men in disguise. They play a mean game of getting lonely men to whack off to their fake profiles. Who knows why they do it, but the whole point is that it happens. Actually meeting up at a speed dating session really lets you see who the woman is.

The Cons

You don’t have long to talk to these women. Most speed dating rounds last from about 3-6 minutes. The best tactic is to go in with some questions already prepared. “Do you want kids?”, “Do you want to get married?”, and “If we get into a fight, how would we settle it?” are all excellent starters. You’ll get a quick answer that speaks volumes.

Basic Needs

"Speed dating can make you meet a lot of women"

“Speed dating can make you meet a lot of women”

While computers are nice for getting onto dating sites, they don’t give you human interaction. No matter how short your meeting time is with her you’ll get to judge the way you act around each other. Talking on the phone and messaging through email are the easiest ways to converse. The problem is that it’s too easy. Being suave and charming through text requires no effort at all. Bringing that out in person is the real challenge. It’s alright if you aren’t Prince Charming, so long as she’s on the same level with you.

The Work Is Done for You

When you are getting ready for the speed date, you fill out a questionnaire that asks for your specifics on the perfect girl. Then you get to meet about 10-20 women who satisfy those specifics. That should be incentive by itself. After getting to know them you fill out a piece of paper with the names of the women you want a second chance at. They match it up with the other women’s papers and information is exchanged. It’s seriously easy. It’s like the best blind date ever.

Now that you’ve got all of the info you need on your speed dating partners you can kick up your dating scene.


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