Taking Her on the Perfect Date: Tailoring a Date to Her Specific Desires

"Make it a memorable date for her"

“Make it a memorable date for her”

Knowing where to take women on dates can often be difficult enough when you are just trying to pick from a hat of the typical dates you usually go on. When trying to make a perfect date for a specific girl, it can suddenly become much more difficult. There is merit to trying hard to pick out the perfect date for a specific girl. Not only will you make her feel special, but you will also make her remember your date above all others. Most guys probably won’t go through the effort is tailoring a date specifically to a woman’s interests, so you will definitely stick out from the crowd.

Know Her Interests

"Ask her what she likes and gift her those moments"

“Ask her what she likes and gift her those moments”

The biggest and most obvious aspect of making the perfect date for a specific girl is to know her interests, and know them well. The better you know what a woman likes, the easier it will be for you to decide where to take her on your perfect date. If she likes outdoor activities, center your date around exploring the outdoors. If she likes the party scene, finding and taking her to a cool new club is a great way to excite her. If she seems more of a hipster type, coming up with a wacky and whimsical date idea is usually a good way to go. Having a picnic on the beach or building sheet and pillow forts to watch a movie with her is usually a good idea for these types of women.

If you don’t know her well enough to know her specific interests, this is something you should really try to find out. You can only use this information to your advantage. Make sure to find out what she doesn’t like as well, so that you don’t accidentally wind up taking her on a date she will secretly hate. You want to make the date memorable for the right reasons, not for all of the wrong ones.

Keep in Mind What She Wants from the Relationship

Some women might be expecting a certain type of date if they expect a certain type of commitment from the relationship. You should keep in mind the seriousness of the relationship when you choose to plan the perfect date. If the relationship is meant to be a more casual relationship, you should keep things as casual as possible and avoid taking her to the most romantic place you can find. However if you plan on having the relationship last for a little while, you should feel free to make it as romantic as you want. More serious relationships require more serious dates, so you can certainly let loose and have fun at any stage. There is still a level of commitment assumed when you go out on a date with somebody you plan to be together with for a while, so try to make the date reflect that as much as you can to show her you mean business.


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