Three “Bad” Habits Women Actually Like

There’s a lot of dating advice floating out there that tells you to cut down on bad habits. While this is good advice, what they term as bad might actually not be. These three habits are what spring to mind when men think of bad habits to cut out to get laid. However, in the right situations these habits aren’t the turn off you’ve been taught they are.

Dirt Under Your Nails

"It shows that you are a hard worker"

“It shows that you are a hard worker”

Do you think that the absolute worst thing you can do is turn up to pick up your lady with dirt under your nails? That’s Dating 101 level stuff, right? Not always. If you normally work a job that doesn’t put calluses on your fingers a little dirt under your nails will make you more attractive to her eyes. Your girlfriend might be the enlightened feminist type of woman who doesn’t need her boyfriend to be able to build a log cabin with his bare hands, cook dinner over an open flame, or wrestle a bear. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want a guy who can hold his own with home repairs. It’s always a turn on to see the occasional proof that her man can do the tough things around the house. Don’t make it a constant thing, and you can use your dirty nails to brag about the things you’re doing around the house.

Whistling While You Work

After years of learning to whistle being followed by years of being told to stop whistling, the truth comes out: most of the time, women find it charming. It’s optimistic, and it makes you seem productive even when you’re not. If you complete a chore with a cheery whistle you’re telling your girlfriend that you’re a confident, excited guy with a lot of energy. These are traits that women universally love.

If she’s told you to pipe down, it’s time to ice it. Whistling is a sign of optimism, happiness, and confidence but it’s also annoying if she doesn’t feel any of those things. If she’s got a headache you should keep your cheer to yourself. This is standard operating procedure for a man who doesn’t like fighting with his woman anyway.

Ratty Old Tees

"This old t-shirt will give her an impression that you are hard working"

“This old t-shirt will give her an impression that you are hard working”

For all the times that you’ve been told that women like a snappy dresser, no one ever thought to mention “in public.” Sure, she’d be mortified if you showed up at her house with a ratty old tee shirt on but she loves it if you’re just lying around the house. She’ll equate a well worn tee with being comfortable with her, and familiarity with stability. So long as you always bust out the nice clothes when it’s time to hit the town she’ll be happy to let you hang out with your oldest, most worn and comfortable clothes.

These habits aren’t really as bad as you’ve been told they are. The next time you change the oil in your car, let her know. Whistle while you sort out that computer problem for her, and kick back in your comfortable clothes when no one will see but the two of you.


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