Three Compliments That Work on Any Woman

"Impress any woman by complimenting her the right way"

“Impress any woman by complimenting her the right way”

You’d think that telling a woman she’s beautiful would work every time. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case. A lot of women have resentments built up to being told they’re gorgeous. Sometimes they have a weird relationship to looks. If her self-esteem is so low that she can’t take it you could be hurting your chances by commenting on her eyes. If you really want to appeal to any woman you meet you should trot out these three compliments. They never fail.

She’s a Good Judge of Character

Even women who don’t believe they’re psychic like to believe that they can tell what someone really wants. They read body language like an expert. They can handle themselves and they always know when someone has a great heart. If you can find a way to slip in a compliment to this effect she’ll be thrilled. It doesn’t even have to be true. Even if she’s a terrible matchmaker and has four bad boyfriends before she met you, she’s still going to think of those things as flukes. She’s really a good judge of character, all the evidence to the contrary not withstanding.

She’s Strong and Feminine

"Compliment about her feminine nature"

“Compliment about her feminine nature”

Even a feminist likes to be pretty. A woman who might take offense to you commenting on how she’s feminine by itself will melt when you tell her she’s strong. Everyone has problems. This will work even if you don’t know her very well and are just looking to score. She’ll think you’re a great judge of character by being able to see that. Whether her great struggles in life are actually that great aren’t important either. A rich supermodel who came from a rich family and hasn’t ever gone through anything is still going to preen when she’s called both strong and feminine. That’s the universality of this compliment. You get the women to fill in the details themselves.

She’s Not Fake

What does being a “fake” woman even mean? That depends on who you ask. You could give this compliment to a vegan, all natural, organic corn silk eating woman and she’ll think it means someone else. You could give this compliment to a woman with neon dyed hair, breast implants, and press on nails two inches long and she’ll think it means someone else. If you know that you have to say something and have no idea how to pay her a compliment that she’ll enjoy come back to this. You’ve met a lot of fake women recently, and it’s good to finally meet someone who’s not. She’ll fill in what exactly that means on her own, and it will make her feel like the two of you have a deeper connection. She’ll be flattered to think that she’s exactly what you want to find.

Break out one of these tips when your normal lines aren’t landing with a woman. You’ll be surprised how quickly her attitude turns around. No matter who she is or what walk of life she’s from you’ll have the point you’ve been trying to earn all evening.


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