Turn Your Stiff Date Into a Wild Fling

"Be friendly with her from the start"

“Be friendly with her from the start”

Maybe you met this date online or had a few phone calls before you hit the town. All seemed to go well with witty conversation and subtle flirting. But now that the two of you are sitting across from each other it’s obvious that she’s nervous. So now it’s your job, as the gentleman you are, to get her to loosen up. Sure, you’re being nice by doing that, but even more you’re upping your chances of getting lucky in the near future.

Speak Up

Sometimes all it takes to calm a date down and get her to loosen up will be to acknowledge what’s going on. “This is awkward. First dates always are though. Do you want to pretend it’s our second instead?” This is pretty funny and should let her know that you’re all right with her nervousness. Your laid-back attitude and ability to calm her down will get you major points later on.

Look Like You’re Having Fun

One of the main reasons your date might be acting like a stiff is because she thinks that you’re going to be bored. It makes her nervous and less likely to talk. Listen to her talk and really make sure that your face is going through the motions. React with more drama than you might, because from what she’s seeing you look like a dead fish. Without realizing it, most people tend to have a pretty blank facial expression. Going above and beyond to show her that you’re interested in what she’s saying will get her more into the date. If conversation is on the back burner, then you might want to start chatting her up about your day. Being lively and laughing a bit can definitely make her feel like things are going well.

Ask Her for Advice

"Let her decide where she wants to go"

“Let her decide where she wants to go”

Everyone loves to feel like they’re important. When your date is sitting there in silence ask for her advice on something. It could be something as simple as your shoes being in fashion or what to get a great aunt for her birthday. Making up something that you need help with will make her feel important and, better yet, get her to talk. As soon as you can get her to start opening up and being part of the conversation the closer you are to asking her out for drinks and getting a yes.

Throw Her Off of Her Game

The most creative way to get your statuesque lady into a wild fling is to start out by throwing some strange questions her way. “If you could only have one meal every day for a month what would it be?” Questions like these are off-the-wall and interesting enough to get her out of her trance. She won’t be expecting it, so she can’t plan a poised response. She’ll have to think up an answer and tell you on the spot. This gets her to open up to you and shows that she has a little bit of a spontaneous side, whether she likes it or not.


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