Un-noticeable Things She Wants You to Notice

It’s not new news that women can be very complicated. They have a huge range of emotions we can’t even begin to understand and weird rituals that boggle our minds. But without these little quirks women wouldn’t be what we love. So with all of that said it’s time you get to noticing the un-noticeable things about her that she wants you to notice. They’re un-noticeable because most of them tend to be items we would never look twice at. But to a woman something like her shoes can spell out whether you’re a match for her or not.

Her Shoes

"She wants you to notice her new heels"

“She wants you to notice her new heels”

Speaking of shoes, those are one of the highest prioritized items that a woman wants you to notice in her outfit. Sure, you’ve commented on how amazing she looks in her dress, but keep looking down. More often than not women tend to wear heels on dates. These shoes are not made for comfort, which is obvious just by looking at them. She’s going through some pain to make her legs look longer, her ass look perkier, and her torso look leaner. So take a moment to look down and say something. Even if it’s not “Nice shoes” you can still come in with a “Those shoes look great on you.”

Her Hair

Her hair is another thing that is there all the time, but doesn’t always get the attention it should. A classic man mistake is not noticing when she got a haircut. But that’s not the only time something changes up there. Women put far more effort into their hair than we will ever realize. There’s the long term care of fancy shampoos, hair dying, and haircuts. But then there’s the present hair that you get to see. She may have straightened it, curled it, gelled it, or done a number of things to get it to sit just how she likes. Her hair can be a huge sign of femininity for her so make sure to let her know just how beautiful it is.

Her Sense of Humor

Women aren’t all about you noticing their physical appearance. They would love to hear you bust out in laughter and then tell them how funny they are. Being hilarious is one of the top qualities that a woman looks for in a guy. They’d like to hear that the same could be said in return. Even if you don’t think she’s that funny, throw her a bone and really play up her sense of humor.

Her Scent

"Women love scents and they love men who compliment their scent"

“Women love scents and they love men who compliment their scent”

The most romantic thing that you could ever tell a woman is that you love her scent. As humans we all smell different, even if we don’t realize it. Women wear perfume, sure, but besides that they have a natural smell that somehow lingers on pillows and borrowed shirts. Even her perfume will count towards this. Anytime her signature scent changes try to comment on it. This is the highest stage of noticing the un-noticeable, so it may take some time.


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