What to Do if You Hate Her Pets

"Do not wear this t-shirt in front of her"

“Do not wear this t-shirt in front of her”

Not everyone is a pet loving person, which can be a problem if you’re dating a woman who loves her pets as though they’re her children. It’s a dilemma that tons of guys who are less than enthusiastic about animals face on a daily basis. Obviously she’s going to want a guy who’s just as charmed by her pets or is at least able to tolerate them. If you’re genuinely interested in her as a long-term relationship prospect but you despise her pets, don’t despair. There are ways to adjust to the furry little critter dilemma.

Date Out

If the thought of returning to her place where everything is covered with fur and reeks like litter box, there’s a simple solution. Simply make a point of ensuring all your dates happen somewhere other than at her place. Go out for dinner. Go see movies every other week. Hit the club for some drinking and dancing. Go back to your place for an intimate night of wine, TV, and sex. No matter the scenario, it spares you from having to endure a night at her apartment where her way-too-friendly cat happily sheds all over your lap.

Fake an Allergy

"Tell her that you are allergic to dogs"

“Tell her that you are allergic to dogs”

Is it underhanded? Yes. Is it less than honest? Also yes. But most pet owners will immediately give you a pass on not wanting to be around their pets if you cite it’s due to allergies. If you actually have allergies to pet dander, you’re already in the zone. Faking an allergy, on the other hand, can be tricky. Most people can’t sneeze on command or make their eyes water and nose run whenever they feel like it. For that reason, it’s advisable that you ask her before you ever set foot in her place if she’s got pets. That way you can start your defensive preparations by telling her sadly that you’re allergic to cats / dogs / chinchillas. If despite that lie she insists you come in for visit, you’re going to have to act. Start sniffling in the presence of anything with fur. Pretend that your skin itches from contact dermatitis. Make a show of popping an anti-histamine (non-drowsy, or you’re going to be a zombie for the rest of the date). If you absolutely cannot handle her pets, faking an allergy is going to be your safest bet for avoiding them.

Tell the Truth

Yes, this tactic is a risky one. So is pretending you have allergies. If you find yourself cringing every time her dog comes near you and you think she’s going to notice, your best bet may just be to tell her the truth. Even if this is a deal-breaker, it may be best in the long run. If she loves her pets more than anything, chances are she’ll come to resent you for not liking them. On the other hand, she might appreciate your honesty. If she’s genuinely interested in a relationship with you, she may be willing to work out a compromise. For example, when you come over she might lock her pet away in a room for the duration of your visit, or will be willing to spend most of your time together at your place.


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