What Your Bar Drink Order Tells Her

Whether you just met her at the bar or you’re taking her out for a date your drink order tells a woman a lot about you. If you’re working hard to create a specific impression you should be aware of what these drinks tell a lady. She’s still making up her mind about whether or not to go home with you, so don’t push her the wrong way.


"Ordering a beer makes you look youthful"

“Ordering a beer makes you look youthful”

If you buy a local micro brewed beer you’ll look like either a hipster or a guy interested in local business. This all falls to the way that you spin it. For the best impression order with a smile and tell her that you really like seeing a local brewery making great products. You’re all in favor of there being more good beer in the world. Drag this out, however, and you’ll sound snooty and rude.

If you’re just buying your general draft beer you probably look boring. It’s a sad but true commentary. Unless she ordered the same beer you did, you’re not standing out to her. You’re just another guy who likes beer.


"Ordering wine makes you look sophisticated"

“Ordering wine makes you look sophisticated”

Sharing a bottle of red wine with a woman makes you look like a sophisticated romantic. Women love when a man knows things about wine. Don’t get so bogged down in the details that you seem like an unapproachable snob (see the risks of microbrews,) but a few facts will interest her. It doesn’t hurt to look like you know what you’re talking about.

White wine isn’t seen as a manly drink. You might enjoy the crisp snap, but you might as well order an appletini in front of a woman.


If you order a brandy in front of a woman you might as well call yourself Mr. Moneybags. It’s delicious and strong liquor, but the popular idea of brandy is that you have to own at least three banks to regularly drink it. It doesn’t hurt to look rich in front of a woman you want to hook up with, but you don’t want to seem elitist.

The only real exception to this is when it’s snowy outside. If you braved the conditions to go out you should order each of you a bit of brandy. This is a classic warm up drink that will make you look like a considerate romantic. It’s like buying her spiced rum.


If all you like at a bar are shots, you might as well call turn your hat backwards and announce that you’re pledging a frat. Shots, shots, and shots are associated forever with partying and being 23. You look like a party guy, and not in a good way. It’s fine to be youthful, but you’ll reek immaturity as much as tequila.

Manly Cocktail

Figure 3

“Flavored cocktails are the best drinks to go for”

If you want to impress a classy lady, get a manly cocktail. A martini on the rocks will put her in mind of class and sophistication. The less experienced she is with drinking, the more this is true. So keep the gin and tonics coming through the night to look like a man with cultured and specific tastes.


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