Why Food Play Isn’t A Good Idea

"Food play may lead to infections"

“Food play may lead to infections”

While a lot of sites out there might try to tell you that food play is a great thing to bring into the bedroom with your hookup, they’re wrong. This is one of those kinks and fetishes that just doesn’t really end up working out in the real world, which might be a shame to some people. For us, it’s just one of those things that you really need to avoid when it comes to health reasons, mess, and honestly, the fact that it’s just not really all that sexy at all. Food play might seem like fun, but trust us, it really just doesn’t end up being that enjoyable at all.

It’s Not Healthy

A lot of guys might think it’s fun to pour chocolate sauce onto their genitals and have their woman lick it up…or they might end up pouring it on their woman to do the exact same thing. Here’s the thing: nothing sugary ever needs to go near your junk or hers. It’s going to cause a lot of infections, usually of the yeast variety on her, and it can get into some weird places on you that really isn’t going to end up being something you want to deal with.

So many people seem to think that food can be eaten off of any part of the body, and that it’ll be enjoyable while that happens. Trust us: it just ends up causing more issues than it actually ends up bringing in a ton of fun.

It’s A Mess

"Would you like to lick that off her?"

“Would you like to lick that off her?”

The other thing that a ton of people seem to forget about food play is that it just makes a huge mess. When it comes to hookups, the two of you really don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning up afterwards. You might just need to hit the streets and go once you’re done, and if you’re covered in a sticky mess, that’s just really not going to be very appealing. A lot of women really aren’t going to appreciate it if you get chocolate all over their blouse or expensive sheets, either, so keep that in mind and honestly, just stay away from food in general whenever you’re hooking up.

It’s Not Sexy

While it might seem like fun to cover her in chocolate and then try to lick it off of her, there’s really nothing sexy or pleasurable about that unless you’re the biggest food-o-phile in the universe. Even then, it just seems like it’s pretty weird, because most women really aren’t going to be aroused by the site of your tongue licking a streak of chocolate off of their tits. Trust us on that.

All in all, food play just isn’t really going to be the fun and exciting past time that a lot of guys think it will be during their hookup. While it might seem like a cute idea, it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth, and it really doesn’t end up giving the sort of rush that most people think it will.


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