Why Giving Her a Massage Can Earn You Serious Brownie Points

"Give her a relaxing massage"

“Give her a relaxing massage”

If you have been getting bored of the usual types of foreplay when you start hooking up with women regularly, you probably want to try and make things a little bit more interesting. One method of doing this that your woman will be sure to love is giving her a sensual massage. Massages are pretty much universally awesome in almost all contexts, so giving a woman a massage before having sex will definitely set the mood and make things more sensual. To some women, receiving a massage can be like what getting a blowjob can be for guys-she might appreciate it even more than being eaten out. Knowing why giving her a massage will earn you brownie points will help you improve your sex while being beneficial to you, too.

It Helps Her Relax

Massages are one of the most relaxing things you can ever experience, and you would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t love them. Of course you don’t want your hookup to fall asleep while you massage her, but if you keep the mood sensual and make sure to get her vocal input on the massage you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Doing something that will make her relax before you have sex is a great way to get her in the mood, which can sometimes be difficult with women who require a lot of foreplay before they’re ready to have sex. Plus, massaging her will help her loosen up her muscles, which can be a great plus if she’s already particularly flexible.

It Makes Her Feel Sexy

"Seduce her a little during massage"

“Seduce her a little during massage”

Running your hands over someone’s naked flesh is fairly intimate no matter how you do it, but once you add massage oils and a fair amount of pressure it only gets more intimate from there. Massages can make a woman feel really sexy if she’s not worrying about what she looks like. Self-conscious women might be a little more high-strung, but if you pepper the massage with compliments on how good she looks, she will be sure to feel sexier than ever. A woman who’s pumped up and feels like a sex kitten is bound to be much better in bed, so you want to try and make her feel as sexy as possible. Massages are certainly a good way to achieve this.

It Shows Her That You Care

If you have a more intimate relationship with the woman you are hooking up with, massages can be a caring gesture as much as they can be a sexy gesture. Giving her a massage shows her that you are putting her needs before yours and that you want her to feel as good as possible. She’ll be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and your chances are very good that she will wind up wanting to reciprocate in some way. There is really no way to go wrong with giving a woman an erotic massage before getting down and dirty.


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