Why Learning How to Cook Can Make You Much More Appealing to Women

"Women like men who know how to cook"

“Women like men who know how to cook”

You’ve probably seen it before, whether on television or in movies or just in real life itself. Women seem to find men who can cook much more appealing, and some women specifically look for men who are able to cook. This might seem a bit strange to you, but it’s not that strange in reality. Women, even ones that can cook already, enjoy the idea of a guy who will share some kind of domestic qualities with them. Guys that can cook are seen as being hotter than others because they can provide for a woman if she doesn’t want to cook or if she’s bad at it. Learning how to cook can be very beneficial to you in the dating and hookup scene.

You Can Have a Romantic Night

Being able to cook has benefits for yourself, since you will be able to enjoy making good tasting food regularly, but it also has practical applications when it comes to the dating and hookup scene. Having a romantic night in with your date can be a great way to get her to loosen up and appreciate you more, and this is most easily achieved if you can already actually cook. That way you can have her help you cook and make things even more romantic by not having to go out to a restaurant or order food. Making food together can be a surprisingly intimate experience, and you can impress her with your cooking skills, even if you aren’t yet that great at doing it. As a side note, it’s much cheaper than eating out.

You Can Teach Her How to Cook

Once you learn how to cook, teaching her how to cook can be a cute date idea that she will actually enjoy. She will enjoy learning a new skill and you get to get up close and personal with her to show her cooking techniques. It may get a little messy, but if you have the charisma to back it up you can make it into a cute, casual date that she’s sure to remember. Of course, this won’t work if she already knows how to cook, but assuming she does not then you have a perfect date idea that doesn’t involve going out and spending a lot of money on an evening’s entertainment.

You Can Make Her Breakfast the Morning After

"Score points by making breakfast for her"

“Score points by making breakfast for her”

One of the most charming ways you can wake her up the morning after your fling or hookup is by making her breakfast. Doing this is a great way to get a woman coming back to your bedroom for future hookups, since it shows thoughtfulness and intimacy. Most guys wouldn’t bother with something like this, but you can bet most women dream about having her own Prince Charming who will make her breakfast when she wakes up. This is one of the quickest ways to endear yourself to a woman and seem like a much more considerate man than any of the other guys she’s dated.


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