Why You Should Go Lingerie Shopping With Her

"Hold on! Don't buy the wrong size"

“Hold on! Don’t buy the wrong size”

You have probably been tempted to go out and buy a sexy outfit or some lingerie for your girlfriend or hookup, and maybe you’ve even already done it before. If you’ve done this before, you know that this can sometimes bring quite mixed reactions from the recipient. Some women will be happy to receive lingerie out of the blue while others will be upset or even offended. Going lingerie shopping together can solve most of these issues, so you should broach the subject with your woman and try and gauge her interest. Going shopping with her might usually be a pain, but it can be seriously be worth it to go lingerie shopping with her.

You Get to See What She Looks Like in Different Lingerie Sets

One of the biggest benefits to going lingerie shopping together is that she will, presumably, let you see what she looks like in the different lingerie outfits you wind up picking out. Sometimes you come across a lingerie set in a store that you think would look perfect on the woman you’re sleeping with, but sometimes your imagination sees things differently than reality. Taking the woman you’re sleeping with out to lingerie shop lets her try on sets that she might be more comfortable wearing and that she knows will make her look good. You get to see her in whatever she picks out and you probably get a say in which one she ends up picking out, so there’s really no downside to this situation unless you get easily tried and hate carrying shopping bags.

She Gets Something She’s Happy With

"Give her suggestions on which color to buy"

“Give her suggestions on which color to buy”

Bringing women lingerie back from a store can sometimes be disastrous, especially if you aren’t familiar with her sizing and how women’s lingerie sizing even works. You might think you were bringing back something she would feel sexy wearing only to discover you got the entirely wrong size and she refuses to even look at you for days afterwards. You can easily solve this by going lingerie shopping together and letting her pick out what she thinks she’d like to wear. If she feels comfortable in the lingerie she picks out for herself, she’s going to feel sexier, and you would be surprised by how much a simple confidence boost can actually do for a woman’s looks. Plus, if she’s happy with what she picks out she’s much more likely to wear it regularly.

She Gets to Take You Shopping

This isn’t so much a benefit for you as it is for her. Women seem to always want to take guys shopping for some reason, and she’s probably begged you to go with her before. This is her chance, and she will probably jump at it. You may wind up carrying bags all over the shopping center, but if you wind up getting her a really sexy lingerie set, can you really complain? Let her shop to her hearts content and she will be sure to reward you later on.


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