Why You Should Go Sex Toy Shopping With Her

"Let her choose according to her needs"

“Let her choose according to her needs”

You may be tempted to go to a sex toy shop and bring something back for the woman you’ve been sleeping with, all without giving her any advanced notice that you would be buying something for the two of you to use in bed. Sometimes this can be a great way to spice things up and get a little kinky in bed, but other times this might be an unpleasant surprise for her. Some women just don’t like being surprised with things like that, so you should definitely consider it carefully before you do it-or you could take her shopping for sex toys with you. Going shopping together has some big benefits that you could consider.

You Won’t Waste Any Money

If you go shopping on your own to bring back something for the two of you to use in bed, you never really know if it’s going to be a hit or a miss. You run the risk each time you choose to buy something without her knowledge that she might not like it or want to use it. Returning sex toys is usually really difficult or just downright impossible, since nobody wants a used dildo or anything like that. However, if you go shopping together, you can make sure you both get what you want and nobody is surprised by what you bring back with you. Then you will have no need to worry about returning anything and you can rest easy knowing you won’t have wasted money.

You Might Be Surprised By What She Chooses

"You'll get to know what she likes"

“You’ll get to know what she likes”

Women can sometimes be very secretive about what they enjoy in bed. The quietest girl might wind up being the kinkiest – there’s just no real way of knowing. You might be surprised by what the woman you’re sleeping with winds up picking. Being confronted with a large variety of sex toys can make her come out of her shell a little bit and think out of he box when it comes to what she would normally go for with sex. This might get her to loosen up a little and choose something she might not normally be interested in, which can only be good news for your sex life.

It Gives You Something to Talk About

If nothing else, taking your girlfriend or hookup to a sex toy store will provide an entertaining experience for you to share. There’s nothing funnier than waving dildos at each other, so at last try to loosen up and have some fun in the store. Look at all of the merchandise and make fun of the cheesy names, or hold up the weird fetish costumes and pretend to model for each other. You may not wind up walking out with anything more exciting than a porn DVD to watch together, but at the very least you will have stepped out of your comfort zones and had an interesting experience together that you can talk about for weeks to come.


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