Win over Her Dog to Win over Her

"Show affection towards her dog to win points"

“Show affection towards her dog to win points”

When you’re trying to impress a woman it doesn’t help to have her dog hate you. Lots of people believe that animals are great judges of character. Women, especially women who live alone, rely on their dog for protection. If you find yourself at a loss for how to warm her heart you should get the mutt to love you. With a recommendation like that you’re sure to see her warm up.

Pretend That You like Dogs

The dog might not like you because you don’t like dogs. It’s not that it can smell fear on you, or anything. Dogs read body language, and if you hate it it’s going to know. There’s also the fact that most dogs are protective, or at least territorial. That woman you’re trying to put the moves on is that dog’s top priority. It’s an uphill battle, but you can start by pretending that you like dogs. You don’t have to just fake it for your girlfriend. You want to fake it for the dog. Smile at it even when your girlfriend isn’t around. Pet it without immediately wiping your hand off on your pants. Let it sit next to you on the couch. You might have to sacrifice a few outfits to dog hair, but you’ll start selling the idea that you don’t hate it.

Ways to Get It to Like You

Here are some great ways to get a dog on your side:

* Sneak the mutt some food. This is basically “Dog 101” for making friends. Dogs like human food. They’re not allowed it. Sneak it some and it will definitely decide that you’re allowed to hang around.
* Play with it even when you don’t want to. Dogs love to play at random times. This means that if you’re watching TV and it keeps bringing you a ball, keep throwing it. It’s a pain. The balls gets slimy. Focus on how many points you’ll have with your lady when her dog loves you.
* Watch your tone. Dry tones and angry tones are things dogs hate. Remember, they don’t understand most words, just the way you say it. If you absolutely, positively have to call that fur-covered monster a few names, make sure you say them with a smile. It’ll wag its tail while you blow off some steam.
* Walk the dog. Dogs love going outside, and if you’re the one who makes that happen you can’t be such a bad guy.

Talk the Dog up to Her

"Getting close with her dog will make her come close to you"

“Getting close with her dog will make her come close to you”

Once you’ve got the dog to not hate you, it’s time to convince your girlfriend that you love it back. Mention the dog a few times a week when you’re talking to her. Take an interest in the mutt’s vet appointments, medication, etc. Laugh when she tells you about whatever boring thing the dog did today. Sound like you love that mutt, and she’ll be thrilled and touched. The more the dog likes you and you like it, the more she’s going to want you around.


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