Yeah, We’re Saying She’s a Gold Digger

"She is with you just for these expensive gifts"

“She is with you just for these expensive gifts”

Unfortunately there are women in this world who are downright gold diggers. They’re only with you for the money that you give them or the things that you’re willing to buy for her. It’s unfair, but you’ve got to learn to spot these women and avoid them. If you’ve already fallen into her trap, don’t be afraid. It’s never too late to get away from a gold digger. The hardest part is to admit that you’ve been played and then get on with your life as fast as you can.

Recognize the Symptoms

Gold diggers typically come in very few flavors. They’re always beautiful, whether naturally or cosmetically. If it’s not their beauty that captures you then it’s probably some other prominent feature. She might be smarter, more fit, or bolder than other women in her age group. Whatever it is, you can be sure she’ll use it to seduce you.

She really won’t like those sentimental gifts you’ve gotten her. Most men strike gold (no pun intended) when they find a great sentimental gift to give to their lady. It means that you’re looking past the idea of it being “just a gift” and paying attention to your relationship. But a gold digger just will not care. Give her a poem or a photo and her blank look will be an obvious sign. “You should have just bought me those heels we saw the other day” or something of the like will either be thought or said. If she’s still getting to know you then she might keep her mouth closed, but will drop bigger hints in the future.

While she might be innocently asking questions about your life to get to know you, the gold digger will lean more toward the financial side of your life. She might ask what kind of job you have or where you went to school. These are innocent questions on their own, but they always have some sort of follow up involving your spending habits or something. The gold digger always wants to see what she’s getting into and won’t stick around if you can’t pay her bills.

Speaking of paying, she absolutely doesn’t do any of it. When the bill comes for the table she simply ignores it. She won’t offer to split it or even pick it up once in a while because then that might become a thing. Instead she’ll take advantage of the fact that you’re a gentleman and will pick up the tab.

Getting Away

"Ask her to pay the bill as you forgot your wallet"

“Ask her to pay the bill as you forgot your wallet”

Of course you can always try to talk it through first and see if she might admit to what she’s doing, but she’ll lie. Saying you’re only with someone because of their money is never a way to keep them around. A more fool-proof option would be to set up some tests. Say you forgot your wallet at home and see if she will pick up the bill. Talk about having financial cleanses where you don’t buy anything for two weeks. She’ll turn tail and run with the thought of you not taking care of her. In any case, you need to get away from her so dump her if she doesn’t run first.


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