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This site reeks of having given up. Fake profiles vastly outnumber any real women here. not only has a stupid name, but it’s just a stupid site in general. The owners clearly think that we’re idiots, considering all of the BangBuddy scams that try to convince us that fake profiles are real. This became increasingly obvious during our BangBuddy review, and mostly left us frustrated.

The Results: Using for Sex Dating

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We ended up spending a total of three months on our BangBuddy review, and during that time, we sent out 180 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t just BangBuddy scams.

From those 180 e-mails, we only received a total of 54 responses. This was really not good, especially when not a single woman asked us out on a date either. Exposed: Problems and Scams Revealed really has given up. they don’t care about the quality of the site; they only want to get your money, and that means that you aren’t going to get laid on here at all.

In fact, we think it would be pretty shocking for you to find any real women on this site. They really just don’t seem to exist.

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You don’t need to put up with this site. Legit sex dating sites are ready for you here. in the News

Talking about sex with your hookup is incredibly important if you want to get what you want, though on sites like, it won’t make a difference:

The more you talk sex with your newest hookup, the better, though it isn’t going to change anything on sites like

The Final Say: Should You Use For Sex Dating?

We didn’t like at all, which means that we’d never even come close to recommending that you use it.

Instead, you should check out our number one site for hookups, It’s our absolute favorite.

20 Responses to “ Review: Why Doesn’t Make It for Sex Dating”

  1. In comparison to every other site I’ve used I’m convinced this one isn’t very well maintained. It just seems cheap.

  2. Hungry Galaxy

    Here is the review you’re looking for in regards to IT SUCKS. Don’t waste your time. You’ll be happy.

  3. Kevin Northey

    Someone’s username on here is hornyiam. We’re supposed to buy that these are real people? It’s clearly a scam site.

  4. Screaming Rolling Moose

    I used for a short period of time and it’s a legit site, but I don’t remember much about it.

  5. Dreadful Rhinestone

    It isn’t very good when the site you’re on has such an unimpressive homepage. I didn’t like this site tbh.

  6. Running Burst

    I wanted to test out but once I got there and realized how shitty it was I regretted it.

  7. I can’t leave a high rating for this site because none of the women are hot at all. Very disappointing.

  8. Patrick Warrick

    I thought I’d start 2014 off right and get laid but no, this site didn’t help me so it gets a bad review.

  9. I like that there are sites like that seem to prioritize hookups over dating. I wonder if the site’s good.

  10. Big Backpack

    I hate sites like this. They look bad, don’t work well and none of the profiles are actually real women.

  11. Sure, I’ll post a review of, but only to tell people that there are much better sites than this.

  12. If there’s a comparison to be made I can’t think of one. This site is on its own level of poor quality.

  13. Francisco Faust

    If anyone actually paid for this site I’m sorry to say that you were definitely caught up in a scam.

  14. Pup Brutal

    I’ve found myself searching for legit sites over and over again but just can’t seem to find them. Is good?

  15. Reindeer Running

    I wasn’t very impressed with this site. It wasn’t very good and I deleted my profile shortly after creating it.

  16. If you wanted to test out, take my advice and listen when I say that you shouldn’t do it.

  17. I’m choosing to give this site a low rating for a lot of reasons, but mostly bc they don’t even TRY.

  18. Cory Prevatt

    This was the first site I used in 2014 and I’m leaving it a bad review, so imagine what my opinion of hookup sites is.

  19. I’m jumping back into the dating world. Or at least the hookup world. I’m starting my search for women on

  20. Flower Doggy Rhino

    There is nothing worse than sites like these. They look so fake. Who would ever even sign up for this site?


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