HornyMatches.com Review: Why HornyMatches.com Doesn’t Make It for Sex Dating



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We're pretty sure there's not a single real woman left on this site. Good for them, considering how sleazy it is.

There’s really nothing good about HornyMatches.com. We say that having seen a ton of really bad sites, but this one–it’s just gross. HornyMatches scams can really get you into some deep trouble, and we mean that in the sense of having your identity stolen. Not fun at all, right?

The Results: Using HornyMatches.com for Sex Dating

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We ended up spending a total of three months on our HornyMatches review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 180 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more HornyMatches scams.

From those 180 e-mails, only a total of 45 women actually e-mailed us back. Not a single soul wanted to hookup with us, however, which means that it was a complete waste of our time.

HornyMatches.com Exposed: Problems and Scams Revealed

If one thing was proven during our HornyMatches review, it’s that every single woman on this site has flown the coop. Good for them, as far a we can tell. This site is just trash.

HornyMatches.com doesn’t care about you, and that’s why it’s better to just leave rather than end up scammed.


HornyMatches.com in the News

Communication is the ultimate key to spicing up your sex life, and that’s why we highly recommend you check out this article for things that HornyMatches.com just won’t cover: http://voices.yahoo.com/spice-sex-life-open-lines-communication-38719.html?cat=41

A quality sex life doesn’t have to be a myth, and this article teaches you how to make it happen in ways that HornyMatches.com never will: http://voices.yahoo.com/tips-quality-sex-life-33517.html?cat=41

The Final Say: Should You Use HornyMatches.com For Sex Dating?

We weren’t impressed by HornyMatches.com at all, and that’s why you should just leave it be.

Check out EstablishedMen.com instead. It’s our number one site for a reason!

20 Responses to “HornyMatches.com Review: Why HornyMatches.com Doesn’t Make It for Sex Dating”

  1. In comparison to every other site I’ve used before this one is just very lackluster. I don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish.

  2. Steamy Pet

    Sure, HornyMatches.com deserves a review, but not a good one. It deserves criticism. This is a sorry excuse for a site.

  3. Rene Mang

    It said join for free but no one said you were going to have to pay later. That’s cheap and I’m pissed.

  4. The Dummy

    I’m using HornyMatches.com rn but I can’t decide if I think it’s a legit site. I just can’t judge these things.

  5. You know it isn’t a good thing when the site only says “join” for free. Classic bait and switch imo.

  6. Dromedary Seriously

    I wanted to test out HornyMatches.com bc a friend said he met some hot women on there but I didn’t.

  7. I didn’t like this site much. I didn’t use it for too long, but it still gets a low rating from me.

  8. David Sanner

    Can we please make the site look like it’s 2014 and not the late 90s? I have to leave a bad review.

  9. DetectiveDetective

    I don’t think dating is all it’s cracked up to be. I prefer casual hookups and that’s why I’m trying HornyMatches.com.

  10. Donkey Small

    Sites like this are terrible. They look so outdated and it’s no wonder no one wants to use them tbh.

  11. Forsaken Duck

    I don?t think HornyMatches.com deserves another secon of my time but I guess I’ll leave a review. I didn’t like this site.

  12. I can’t even make a comparison bcc nothing else is as bad as this trainwreck of a dating site imo.

  13. Filiberto Lambert

    Worst case of a bait and switch scam. I’m really disappointed. The whole site should be free, not just signup.

  14. I’m starting to wonder at this point if I’ll ever find a legit site to hook up with women. I’ll try HornyMatches.com next.

  15. Trooper Cute

    I wanted this site to be good so badly, but I was disappointed in the end. What a surprise there.

  16. Dust Angry Knight

    If you test out HornyMatches.com be forewarned that half of the profiles you’ll see are fake, so don’t bother with them.

  17. I wish I had a rating scale that had a rating lower than 0. This site deserves that and more.

  18. Emmett Dugger

    It’s 2014, can we please update the site? It seems bad but appearance can make or break a review imo.

  19. Airmen Skinny

    The name HornyMatches.com makes it sound less about dating and more about hookups in my opinion, but maybe it’s misleading.

  20. Steamy Beauty Filly

    Don’t get me wrong, I usually love sites like this. But when theyr’e this bad I can’t stand them at all.


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