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Looking for a site that has women for every occasion? You've come to the right place for variety. is one site that everyone seems to have heard about, and that’s a very good thing. There’s a reason why it’s so popular, and that’s because it definitely has proven itself to work.

This is a very enjoyable site.

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One of our favorite things to find out during our SexFinder review is the fact that this site is full of different kinds of ladies. You really can’t go wrong on this site, because there’s something for everyone.

On, you’ll also find that it’s very safe. We could barely find a single SexFinder scam, which really made us feel that much more comfortable in our own skin.

The Results: Three Months on

We ended up spending a total of three months on our SexFinder review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 180 e-mails to women that we knew for a fact weren’t just SexFinder scams.

fsesexfinder-rating-hpThe results were astounding.

From those 180 e-mails, we ended up with a total of 133 responses. 9 of those women wanted to meet us, and 4 of them ultimately showed up. We ended up closing the deal with 2 of them, which was really amazing.

The Top Three Messages on That Got Great Responses

Email 1: “Hi, Brittany. I really loved your smile, which is what dragged me into your profile in the first place. From there, I saw that you were really into fishing, which is one of my favorite hobbies, too. If you ever want to go out on my boat for a weekend, let me know!”

Email 2: “Hi, Leslie. I couldn’t help but notice that you’re into shogi. It’s one of my favorite games as well, and I’d love to have a new practice partner if you’re ever looking for someone like that.

Email 3: “Hi, Irene. I see that you’re really into saltwater aquariums. I’ve always been fascinated by them, but I’ve never been able to learn much about them before. Any pointers for someone that wants to get into them?” Features We Couldn’t Get Enough Of

One of our favorite parts of was the fact that there were so many ladies on here. They seemed to bump the ratio up more often than not, and that was very refreshing.

Usually, sites bleed women.

We know that this is entirely due to the amazing atmosphere on this site. It’s open, yet very intimate, and that means that ladies will feel like they’re really getting the attention they need.

Getting Ahead On Secret Dating Tactics to Give You an Edge

The right edge on this site is given to you if you really take the time to talk about things in a specific way. Stay intimate, yet make sure that you’re very open to new ideas.

These women want you to chat about their interests, too.

Don’t just sit around and talk about what you’re into. If you do that, you’ll turn them off. Chat about what they really love as well, and that’s going to earn you some points.

What Needs to Work On

One of the most important aspects of this site is that it is competitive. That being said, that can be a problem when they just don’t seem to clear out old, dead profiles.

Those kinds of profiles can attract scammers, which is never good. Be careful around that sort of thing, and always be vigilant. in the News

The more you know about dominance and submission in the bedroom, the better, especially on sites like Exposed: Our Final Say on Using for Sex Dating was our number five site overall, and for good reason: it was amazing. We highly recommend that you try it out at least once in the future.

35 Responses to “ Review: Why Was #5 for Sex Dating”

  1. Omega Raven

    All those comparison sites are going to go out of business when people find out how great this one is. I’m always blown away by how beautiful the women on here are, it’s so crazy.

  2. Dennis Kooser

    When I first heard that I was supposed to write about, I figured that there was no way I was going to review that. As it turns out, though, this site is actually a really great hookup site.

  3. Since these kinds of sites are so commonly scams I was really concerned, but I had no reason to be at all! This site is completely legit, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I talk to.

  4. Lou Fowler

    I really hope that is legit, because if not I just wasted a lot of time and effort on something that won’t get me any ladies. I spent hours making my profile absolutely perfect!

  5. Lovebird Gutsy

    I’m usually no good at finding women online to hook up with, but this site has given me a whole new outlook on my approach and now I hook up with women damn near every weekend.

  6. Denny Treeby

    I don’t normally test out these kinds of sites, but something about really appealed to me. I guess it was fate, though, because my past three girlfriends have been women that I found on here.

  7. I wish that there was a rating high enough to express how I feel about this site, because I don’t feel like the basic ranking system does it any justice. This is my all time favorite hookup site.

  8. I read a review from before 2014 saying that this site was crap, so either they renovated big time or that person’s a liar because this site is the best thing to ever happen to me.

  9. Alfonzo Stewart

    The idea of dating online is kind of gross and impossible to me, so I want to hook up and not worry about getting feelings involved. I’m signing up for, so sexy ladies beware!

  10. Digital Test

    Sites like this are all the same, right? Wrong! This site is way better than all the others, and there’s a reason that I pimp it out to all my friend and all over my blog for dating sites.

  11. Review sites don’t really get what the hype is over, but if you actually join the site then you’ll see what everyone’s talking about. This site changed my life, and I’m not even joking.

  12. White Skeleton

    It amazes me how cheap the other sites seem in comparison to this one. It’s really no wonder why all the women flock to this site, because clearly this site knows how to treat ladies right.

  13. I was worried that this site was a scam, but so far it it might be the only small hookup site out there that’s actually worth a damn, which is both good and kind of sad.

  14. Marvin Barnes

    I’ve already done all my research and seen that is legit, but that doesn’t mean that the women are going to be what I’m looking for. I only like women of the highest quality, you know?

  15. Dirty Rockstar

    Now that I’m ready to get back into the dating scene, it’s time to say goodbye to this site. It was good to me while I was on here, and it helped me get laid a lot.

  16. Young Brown

    I’m so glad that I decided to test out for myself. Everyone told me that it was a scam, even my friends, but within the first day after I joined I already had a hookup all planned out.

  17. Swush Angry

    There isn’t a rating high enough to give this site, so I’m going to have to just settle for giving it the best one that I can and recommending it to everyone who’ll listen to me rant about it.

  18. One review site from 2014 literally won’t shut up about how “shitty” this site is, but I don’t think they’ve ever even been a member because they have no idea how the site works at all.

  19. Agustin Fulton

    My friend dared me to try dating using because it’s mostly just for hooking up, so here I go! It’s okay, I can get a girlfriend anywhere and anytime, it never fails and they’re always gorgeous.

  20. Gutsy Empire

    Sites like this give me hope for the future of online dating. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but I’m telling the truth. I can’t get enough of these kinds of sites, and am always looking for them.

  21. Review sites don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t even know how to work, or if it’s legit or not. Maybe if they had two brain cells to rub together they’d know it was legit.

  22. Fox Maximum

    I keep laughing at how the comparison sites are trying to match up to this one and just failing hilariously. It’s really funny for me to keep tabs on them just to see how they’re doing.

  23. Scam sites are easy to spot and usually have really cheap layouts. This one looks like it was actually make in this decade, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s pretty damn trustworthy.

  24. Leonard Reed

    I’m always worried that these kinds of sites aren’t legit, and with a name like I’m really not expecting much. I’m signing up to see what happens, but I don’t think I’ll get laid.

  25. Good riddance to all the crappy sites that I’ve wasted time on over the years! I’m so glad I found this one because now I can say goodbye to the sites I’ve been spending money on.

  26. Claude Richards

    Go ahead and test out, but you might as well just join it because I can guarantee you’re going to love it once you give it a chance. I was completely in love after a week on here.

  27. Needless Rainbow Waterbird

    Rating this site is so hard because I want to give it a really high rating but the ranking system won’t go above a ten and it really deserves about two hundred points higher than that.

  28. Review sites from 2014 are all lying when they say that this site is a scam. If they knew how to use the site properly, then they could be raking in the babes like I do every week.

  29. I’ve never tried dating online, but I think that might be an okay place to start. It’s a smaller site, which will give me more opportunities to score cute chicks than a bigger site would.

  30. I’m so glad that sites like this exist. I was about to give up on dating and having sex in general, but this site gave me the confidence that I needed to get back into the dating scene.

  31. Elroy Gottwine

    I left a review for when I joined six months ago, and I think I should come back to say that the site is every bit as good to me now as it was the day I joined.

  32. Comparison sites aren’t worth your time, so why not just go for the real thing? This site will find you the perfect woman before you even have time to blink, and there are countless to choose from.

  33. Don’t worry, this site isn’t about to scam you out of your money. All this site is intereseted in is hooking you up with a beautiful woman every time you log in, which is great.

  34. Jules Trevithick

    Sites like this are so rarely legit that I’m pretty skeptical of I’m going to sign up anyway, though, because I’m a curious person and can never resist the opportunity to get laid.

  35. Los Tumbler

    Why are there not more people leaving good comments for this site? Seriously, if you spend longer than five minutes on here you’re guaranteed to see how amazing it is! Please just give it a chance!


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