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Sexy ads is right. Even if you can navigate around all the sleazy ads, no woman's going to be drawn in by them.

Sites like are actually kind of shocking. When you have boobs and butts shoved into your face so abruptly like this site insists on doing, there’s no way any woman would enjoy it, and that’s something that became very apparent during our SexyAds review.

The Results: Using for Sex Dating

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We ended up spending three months on our SexyAds review, and during that time, we tried to sent out 180 e-mails to women that weren’t SexyAds scams.

Ultimately, we only received a total of 78 replies. Only 3 days were set up, and only 1 lady showed up…but no hookups happened. Exposed: Problems and Scams Revealed just can’t seem to keep anything under control. There are nothing but SexyAds scams plastering this site from head to toe, and they mostly consist of tons of fakes.

That sort of environment just doesn’t bode well. You aren’t going to get laid on a site that’s just covered in fakes, and that became very, very clear while we were completing our review.

Don't bother with scams like these. Check out our reviews. in the News

Knowing the basics of bondage can really help out on a site, but on, it’s just not going to do much:

Hot wax play can be an amazing addition to the bedroom, though on sites like, it probably won’t change very much:

The Final Say: Should You Use For Sex Dating?

We really didn’t like at all. This site is full of fake profiles, which makes it very difficult to use.

Instead of wasting your time here, we highly recommend you check out our number one site for hookups,

20 Responses to “ Review: Why Doesn’t Make It for Sex Dating”

  1. In comparison to other sites I’ve used this one is really the bottom of the barrel. Low quality in every way.

  2. Invader Strawberry

    I don’t normally leave reviews but is a special case. Everyone needs to know just how shitty this site is.

  3. Jorge Turzanski

    I’m not sure to call this site a scam or not. I don’t think it wants your money. It’s just shitty.

  4. Sweety Foal

    I’ve heard is legit from some people but from others I’ve heard it’s a giant waste of your time.

  5. Crunchy Crisp Honey

    This site is not good and if anyone tells you differently, don’t listen to them. They clearly have no taste..

  6. I only wanted to test out but once I loaded that homepage I knew I just couldn’t do it.

  7. There isn’t a rating low enough for this site. Even a 1 out of 5 stars seems too generous to me.

  8. Vern Williamson

    This site doesn’t have many reviews written in 2014 yet but here, I’ll leave mine. This site sucks, don’t bother.

  9. I’m not sure if is so much a dating site as it is personals ads for hookups…idk tho tbh

  10. Lamb Young

    There are so many sites like this that just aren’t worth anyone’s time, let alone my valuable time, you know?

  11. I suppose I’ll post a review. I didn’t really like this site tho and I don’t think I’d recommend it to anyone.

  12. There isn’t a comparison necessary to understand how bad this site is. Just look at the front page and you’ll see.

  13. Leonard Davis

    This is one of the worst sites I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen scam sites that look better than this one.

  14. Dirty Rebel

    I’ve been looking for a legit site for personals ads that aren’t about relationships (just sex) and I hope is good.

  15. Good grief! If you signed up for this site and it fucked you over it’s your own damn fault. You should have known.

  16. Giant Mustard

    Don’t bother signing up for,e ven to test it out. It’s not worth your time and you’ll wish you hadn’t.

  17. I don’t normally assign ratings but if I did, this site would get a low one. I didn’t meet any women on here.

  18. Jess Herrold

    2014 is intersting so far, that’s for sure. This is the first review I’ve written and it isn’t even a good one!

  19. I’ve used dating sites but I haven’t used sites that are just personals ads like before. Help me out!

  20. Morbid Red Swallow

    Sites like this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Just look at the homepage. How much cheaper can you look? It’s no surprise.


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