The Last Dating Guide You Will Need

We’ve been around the block way more than once, and that’s why we ultimately wanted to create this sex dating guide. We wish that we had something like this available to us whenever we started doing online sex dating, and so now we’re making our strategies available to you as well.

It really pays to know.

The more you know about sex dating, the better. Our tactics for adult dating aren’t just for beginners; they’re also for the seasoned guys that have seen it all, but just want to polish up their game. The best websites are always changing, that’s why it’s important to read our reviews so that your looking in the right places.

We’ve been there. We know how it feels to just not be getting everything you want out of your casual dates, and fortunately, we know how to make the most of everything.

Spotting a Scam: What to Watch Out For

Shady sex dating sites will go to great lengths to get your credit card info. Learn about the best ways to beat them at their own game.

What Makes a Site Suck: Signs You Need to Leave Now

A site doesn't need to scam you to be a crappy sex dating site. There are some signs you can look out for to know for sure whether you should take your business elsewhere.

What Makes a Good Site: Signs You’ve Got a Keeper

There are great sex dating sites out there, so don't feel like you have to settle for anything less. Great sites know how to respect you as a customer and give you great options.

Getting What You Want: The Profile

The ladies on sex dating sites know exactly what they've come for. But the real question is, do you? Let the women on these sites know what you want with a great profile.

Getting What You Want: The Pictures

The sooner you realize that women are visual creatures just like men, the better off you'll be. Take flattering pictures of yourself having fun with friends and some nice possessions of yours.

Getting What You Want: Email Communication

Whether you're using an in-house messaging system on a sex dating site, or communicating back-and-forth in email, you'll need to convince her with words to meet up.

Setting Up the Date: Do’s and Don’ts

Easy as it would be, you can't just straight-up ask her to meet you at a local hotel. Choosing a good, strategic date location is an important step in getting what you want.

Following Up After the Date

Unless you're gunning for a one-night stand, you need to contact her again after the first date if you want to continue seeing her.

Setting Boundaries for Your Sanity

Boundaries are essential to keeping your sex dating life sane and sensible. Small or not, they're the key to keeping yourself protected and scam-free.

Stacking the Deck

Just in case a date you'd planned that day bails on you, try booking multiple women in the same night. That way you'll always have backup dates.

Getting What You Want: Asking for More

Even if a girl is a little dull, if you're still interested in her, try gently guiding the conversation to more bedroom-oriented topics.

Getting What You Want: Kinks

Sex dating sites are generally a fairly good community for finding women interested in kink. Get her into it by introducing her slowly, and indulging her own fantasies.

The Keys to Asking for a Threesome

Sex dating sites have given you good results so far, and can be the key to getting you the coveted threesome. Get a female wingman, and you'll be golden.

Keep Yourself Balanced: Dates for Every Mood

There's nothing wrong with dating multiple ladies at once to satisfy your daily moods. However, you'll have to keep them straight if you want to keep them at all.

When to Cut Her Off

You're on sex dating sites for excitement, not to be put to sleep by boring dates or dragged into a relationship by a pushy woman. Cut her off if you need to.

By the time you read our guide, you’re going to know way more than we ever did when we were starting out. It’s a rush of information that’s really going to get you started in a way that we never had.

That means you’ll get way more sex!

You won’t have to struggle to get dates. You’ll know exactly what it takes to get the women that you want, and that means less stressing, more fun, and that’s exactly what sex dating should be about.

No matter your experience level, we highly recommend that you read through the whole guide. You might just be missing one piece of the puzzle, and we might have it waiting there for you.

With that in mind, dive in after you’ve had a good read through, and good luck with your dates in the future.


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