Getting What You Want: Kinks

Your kinks don’t have to be something that you keep under lock and key. We couldn’t have a sex dating guide without touching on this particular topic, and that’s because getting what you want out of hookups includes getting the kinks that you’ve been holding in.

With the right woman, you can let them free.

female stretched out on leather couch

One of the best tactics for adult dating is finding a site that really helps cater to your kinks. Truth be told, most of them do nowadays. It’s not hard to find a site that helps you search for women that are into the exact same things that you’re into.

This means that you really won’t have that much trouble finding someone that’s into what you’re into. You’ll be able to find someone that’s like-minded, and very willing to do the same things that you’re into.

That being said, if you have a regular hookup that you really enjoy, you aren’t always going to want to find someone entirely new to hookup with. That means you’re going to have to introduce your kinks to her, and this is where a lot of guys end up faltering.

Let her lead.

One of the best ways to bring kinks into any conversation is to ask her about her fantasies first. This is going to give her the opportunity to really talk about what she’s into without feeling pressured by your own kinks.

This also makes her feel way more comfortable about expressing her own kinky side to you. By doing so, you’re opening up a gateway that leaves a lot more to be explored in the bedroom.

The more supportive you are of her kinky side, the more likely she is to be supportive of yours in turn. If you let her lead the way into the discussion, it looks like she was the one that wanted to talk about it all along, and you aren’t going to be the one pushing her into it.

Always support her, and make sure not to shame her.

It doesn’t matter if you think her kinks are the weirdest things out there in the world–don’t tell her that you think as much. If you do that, she’s going to lock up, and never want to talk about them again.

Even if some of the stuff she’s into is kind of weird, there’s no reason to focus heavily on them. It’s important to act like her kinks are no big deal so that she does the same for yours.

The more relaxed you are about her kinks, the more likely she’s going to just sit back and take all of yours in stride as well. That’s why it’s always better to have her chat about them first.

Be confident.

Don’t act like your kinks are something to be ashamed of. The moment you do that is the moment that you’re leaving yourself open for her own dismissal of your kinks.

If you’re confident in what you like, or if you’re very sure that you’d like to give something a try in the bedroom, it’s important to tell her. The more into it you are, the more likely she is going to be to actually give it a shot.

Even if you’re into something pretty obscure, it’s perfectly fine to like it. It’s just up to you to explain it all to her, and to help her understand what it is exactly that you want from her in the bedroom. The more you can do in this regard, the more likely she’s going to be interested in actually giving it a try.


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