Getting What You Want: Asking for More

If you know what you want, it’s important that you learn to ask for it. A lot of guys feel worried about asking for more when it comes to their hookups, but that just means that you’re not going to end up getting what you really want. If you’re using legit sex dating sites, these women know what’s up. They want to be with a guy that’s confident, and above all, has preferences.

man supporting woman

Don’t be afraid to ask.

You might end up going out with a girl that you really like, but you ultimately might find her a little boring. Truth be told, that might be your fault. You might not have been able to bring her out of her shell yet because you haven’t really told her what you’re into.

Rather than drop her right away for just not seeming like the most interesting girl on the planet, it’s important that you take the time to really chat her up about your interests.

You’ll be surprised what that can get you in a hookup. The more open you are about what you’re interested in, the more likely the girls that you’re with are going to be into it, too.

Be gentle about it, though.

Even if you’re using free sex dating sites or cheap sex dating sites, there’s no reason to treat the woman you’re hooking up with like she’s something cheap or worthless.

You need to be gentle with her when you bring up certain topics. Don’t try to force your kinks or fetishes on her–that’s never going to end up well, and that’s just going to upset her and make her way less likely to ever do anything interesting with you.

It’s usually a good idea to let her talk about what she’s into first. Bring up some of her fantasies, and then from there, you can have the opportunity to share your own and see how they compare.

Be supportive.

If you let her chat about her stuff first, it’s always good to offer input and opinions. Either way, though, it’s important that you take the time to really be supportive of what she likes.

The more you act interested in her things, the more likely she’s going to be interested in yours. This means that you have a much better chance of getting what you want in the bedroom.

Here’s the other thing that guys forget: the more into the fact that she’s having sexy thoughts you are, the more likely she’s going to start sharing more. That previously ‘boring’ girl is suddenly going to turn into a sex kitten, all because you decided to have a show and tell session.

It really works.

You want her to be as confident as she wants you to be. This means that you need to be really into what she’s into, and that really doesn’t take very much effort on your end.

She’ll also be happy to be into what you’re into…so long as you give her a chance to talk first. This is how you really end up getting what you want in the bedroom, and it’s how we usually end up having the best hookups out of everyone else that we know.


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