When to Cut Her Off

Sadly, some hookups just don’t end up going all that well. It’s no fault of your own–even the best sex dating sites have a bad egg here and there, and if you run into one of them, it’s just a matter of knowing when to cut off the hookup and let her go.

Remember the boundaries you set.

It doesn’t matter how often you compare sex dating sites; sometimes you’re just going to end up hooking up with a woman that doesn’t respect your boundaries. This simply isn’t acceptable, especially if she shows no remorse.

man and woman using phone while having drinks

The moment that she starts disrespecting the rules and boundaries that you set for your hookup is the moment that you need to think about letting her go. There’s no need to suffer through that kind of treatment, because it’s also just a blatant disrespect of what you want.

If she disrespects this part of your relationship, there’s honestly no telling what else she’s going to end up disrespecting. You don’t have to put up with that, and honestly, you shouldn’t.

If she’s too attached, let her go.

If you’ve taken the time to really tell a woman that you just want a casual relationship, then you shouldn’t have to deal with her clinging to you at every single opportunity.

While it might seem cute at first, you need to remember that you aren’t into having long-distance relationships. She’s obviously overstepping herself, and really not respecting you.

This can turn ugly pretty fast, and that’s why you have to gently tell her that things just aren’t working out. You’ll avoid drama if you’re firm but still kind to her–at least, for the most part.

If she’s boring, let her go.

Even if you’ve given her a chance to really lighten up and be fun, there’s no point in keeping her around if she just doesn’t thrill you in any way. There are plenty of other fish in the sea that will.

This also applies to ladies that just don’t make a good first impression. Even if you think she’s having a bad day, if she doesn’t attempt to apologize to you later, you probably should just let her go.

The polite thing, of course, is to try and make it through the first dates with these people and then just move on. No one wants to be ditched on the date itself, so try to go through with it like a gentleman.

Learn how to block them.

You might be tempted to keep these ladies in mind for later hookups when you’re high and dry. That’s a really awful idea, and it’s important just to veritably erase them from your little black book–except to make note that they really aren’t hookup material.

If you do this, you’ll end up much happier and way less stressed. Remember, there are so many different women out there just waiting to hookup with you. You don’t have to settle for women that aren’t going to give you what you want, and that’s a fact.

Overall, it’s all about having fun. If that isn’t happening, then you need to do something to change that…even if it’s ending your hookup relationship.


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