What Makes a Site Suck: Signs You Need to Leave Now

There are a lot of things that can really make a site suck, and it’s not all down to the scams that you might end up finding there. We’ve really seen a lot of sites that had potential, but just ended up being dragged down courtesy of a number of things. Knowing how to spot what makes a site awful is important, and one of the best ways to pick out a legit sex dating site.

Don’t use a site cluttered in ads. fse-guide-scam-image   You most often see a lot of free sex dating sites being the ones that are just covered in head to toe with ads. Sadly, these ads can often contain malware or other kinds of viruses. This means that ultimately, sites with a ton of ads can be very unsafe. You really don’t want to spend a lot of time looking at flashing porn ads that really aren’t going to give you the fix you want, especially if they can give you malware instead. There always has to be a peaceful median when it comes to the usage of ads. If you just can’t navigate the site because of it, then you’re really not going to enjoy your experience there.

Run away from bad customer service.

Something that’s incredibly important–even on a cheap sex dating site–is the power of customer service. If they’re nonexistent, then you’re just not going to have a good experience. Great customer service is even more important on free and cheaper sites. This is because you get a lot more scams rolling around on these sites, and they need to be around so you can report them. If your reports go unheeded, that’s a pretty big warning sign. It means that you’re using a site full of administrators that just don’t give a damn, and that’s really not going to bode well for you or your well-being.

Don’t stick around on a site that doesn’t work. stressed man staring at screen There’s no use putting time, money, or energy into a website that just isn’t delivering the results that you want. While it might take a bit more time for this to become obvious, the moment that you start realizing it’s been too long without a hookup, you should just end it. We can’t stress enough the importance of not lingering on a site that just isn’t doing you any favors. The only thing that you’re doing by sticking around on a site like that is frustrating yourself, and that’s not going to help you feel better about your hookups. In general, you should understand that switching sites is normal. We do it all the time when we realize a site just isn’t giving us the results that we need, and it’s important to know when to move on.

Leave sooner rather than later.

If you start to notice certain things about a site, then you really should just leave sooner rather than later. There’s nothing tying you to a dating site, and that’s important for you to remember. Even if it’s just a matter of you not liking the way that the site’s layout functions, you don’t have to stick around. If you aren’t comfortable, then leave and find another site that better suits your needs. Remember: there will always be a website out there that will work for you. It might take a little bit of trial and error to find it, but it will happen. This is why we highly recommend you take the time to use multiple sites at once. You’ll easily be able to compare from there, and be able to find a site that really suits you in every single possible way.


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