Stacking the Deck

It’s important to remember that you don’t just have to stick to one date. You don’t have to even stick to one date in a day if you don’t want to, and that’s really what we mean when it comes to stacking the deck as an adult dating tactic. We’ve tried it out multiple times, and so long as you can stay organized, it really does end up working well.

couple on date

You just have to stay on top of things.

You really can’t expect to date multiple women at once, let alone in one day if you aren’t an organized sort of person. This is why it’s really good to keep a schedule book when it comes to your hookups.

It doesn’t matter how many online dating site ratings that you read; this is all a matter of planning on your end. It requires finesse as to who you’re stacking up for the day, and that means that you need to know the women that you’re hooking up with well enough to make this all pan out.

Pay attention to who you’re stacking. If you end up bailing on a date that really hates it when their plans change, you might not be able to hookup with them again–and that’s when this becomes a problematic sex dating site strategy rather than a great one.

Put your favorites first.

The woman that you really want to be with should always be at the top of your list. This means that if she ends up dropping out, you still will have your second or third date in line.

You don’t want to bail on that first date. She’s your favorite, and that’s why you should always make sure to make time for her no matter what ends up happening with your alternates.

We’ve tried out a few different variations of this, but it’s always best to give her priority. If she wants to change things around, cancel your dates with the other girls you’re seeing instead.

Plan for different stages of dates.

It’s good to have an evening, a late evening, and then a ‘I’ll text you when I’m ready’ date in line. By doing this, you can usually have at least two dates a day when it comes to sex dating.

Your evening hookup should be your alternate, truth be told. This is the woman that you really don’t need to see, and that means you can move around these plans at will.

Your late evening date is the woman you really want to be with. You can bump her up further into the evening if necessary, or later, depending on how her plans might end up changing.

The third date is always an option.

As for the ‘I’ll text you when I’m ready’ date, they’re just going to be on call for whenever you’re done with your other ladies. If you end up too tired afterwards, you can just text her and tell her that you need to crash instead.

This kind of date is the kind of woman that is just as laid back as you are, preferably. You don’t want to put someone that’s easily aggravated about changing plans in this kind of position.

Overall, it’s entirely up to you how many ladies you want to date, and how often you want to do it. It’s also up to your organizational skills, which really do come in handy in these circumstances.

Good luck.

If you end up floundering, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself, because this is all up in your hands at the end of the night.


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