Getting What You Want: The Pictures

You don’t have to be a model in order to have a successful, fun hookup on a sex dating site in Canada. You don’t have to be that hot at all, because for real, we’re all average guys. We just know how to work our angles, and how to really get what we want on these dating sites.

It’s all about confidence.


Your profile picture is the first thing that these ladies are going to see. You’ve probably read about that a million times by now in sex dating sites reviews, and how important it can be to your hookup.

That being said, so long as you’re smiling and confident, you have no reason to be nervous. Your profile picture might be important, but it’s not the end all, be all at the end of the day.

So long as you look like you’re a fun-loving guy, you’re not going to have any issues. That’s the point that we really feel the need to drive home. A real picture that has you in it is going to get you results, and furthermore, it’s going to convince these ladies that you aren’t in any way associated with sex dating site scams.

Avoid selfies.

While we know that you can pull off looking great even in a bathroom mirror, we highly recommend against using selfies. They just don’t look like they’re done with a lot of care, and they also scream ‘inexperience’ to all the ladies that are veterans of these sites.

It’s also important that you don’t spend a lot of time flexing or posing in front of the camera. That’s something that young, inexperienced guys do, and it’s just not going to go over well with the ladies.

More important is looking like you have confidence. You can post pictures with your friends or places you’ve been on vacation. That’s going to get you more attention than you’d imagine.

Take pictures of your stuff, too.

man sitting in car

If you have a nice car or house, by all means, stand in front of it with your biggest smile. While you don’t want to attract gold diggers, there’s no reason not to flaunt what you’ve got.

You can always include little captions so that the ladies know what they’re looking at, too. If you have a boat, take pictures of yourself on that and post them. That’ll give you a chance to spark a conversation about it if nothing else, and that can mean a lot on a dating site.

Never sit around and pose with wads of cash, however. That’s just never going to make a good impression, and it’s mostly going to make you look like an idiot that no one wants to talk to.

Take care of yourself.

No matter the pictures that you post, it’s important that you don’t post pictures of yourself looking drunk, high, unshaven, or otherwise tattered. Make sure that your clothes are all in good order in every single picture that you post, and that you never look like you’re just one big hot mess.

So long as you look clean and fun in your pictures, you’re basically good to go. There’s no need to really fake pictures to make these women like you. The more that you look like you’re fun and confident, the more likely that you’re going to get more hookups.

Overall, it’s up to you what you post, but again, just keep it fun, and keep smiling.


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