Planning Your Perfect Hookup

When you start to meet and hook up with women, you want to be prepared so that things will go smoothly. Nobody wants to schedule a hook up or have a one night stand only for it to wind up going poorly because you weren’t properly prepared. The best way to make sure that a hookup goes off without a hitch is to plan ahead to make sure you have everything ready, and you have any supplies you might need for the night. This way, there shouldn’t be any awkward pauses or interruptions when you get things started, so your hookup should go off without a hitch. Have Everything You Need on Hand You should obviously have condoms on hand whenever you plan on hooking up, no matter what other protection the woman you’re hooking up with may be on. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Beyond that, you should have whatever other items you need with you or at the ready so that you can reach them with relative ease during the hookup. You should always at least have some kind of lube on hand even if you do not think that you will need it. Besides that, keep a few fairly vanilla sex toys if…

How to Avoid Scaring Her Off with Your Messages

Sending messages to women on online dating sites can be a pain, especially when you seem to rarely get messages back. Having a woman ignore your message is slightly less aggravating than having her openly reject you, but there still seems to sometimes be no rhyme or reason behind why they never respond. One important thing to keep in mind is that you may have actually scared her off with your message, but you shouldn’t let this discourage you. Instead, you should learn the common reasons why women get scared off from responding to a guy’s messages. This way you can avoid making these same mistakes and you can increase the rate at which you get responses. Try Not to Be So Forward One of the main reasons women avoid messages is a very general concept that may be difficult for you to grasp, but it is important to keep in mind when talking to women on online dating sites. Being too forward with your messages can easily scare women off and make them decide against messaging you back. While this sounds vague, it is actually quite easy to combat. All you need to do is avoid being rude or pushy in your messages. You should be polite and complimentary…

Cover Up Your Smoking Habit to Score

She’s gorgeous. She’s into the same things you are. She wants to hook up right now. She hates smokers. What can you do? There’s no reason to write this off as a lost cause. If you want to cover up the fact that you’re a smoker and get the woman you want, follow these short-term solutions to cover up your smoking habit with camo techniques and habits more easy for her to accept. Tell Her Someone Was Smoking near You If you can, tell her that you were at a sports bar before you head over to her place. Sure, not all bars allow smoking inside anymore, but it’s easy to believe that there was a crowd outside that lights up a few. If she already knows that you’ve been chilling at home, tell her that you mixed your clothes in with your roommates, and he smokes. This is a good time to point out that your clothes should be all fresh washed, if possible. That’s a good hookup tip whether you smoke or not. Keep a Pocket Toothbrush Handy If you met her at a club and she wants to head home with you, you can avert disaster by keeping a pocket toothbrush handy. These little things are fully…


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