Turn Your Stiff Date Into a Wild Fling

Maybe you met this date online or had a few phone calls before you hit the town. All seemed to go well with witty conversation and subtle flirting. But now that the two of you are sitting across from each other it’s obvious that she’s nervous. So now it’s your job, as the gentleman you are, to get her to loosen up. Sure, you’re being nice by doing that, but even more you’re upping your chances of getting lucky in the near future. Speak Up Sometimes all it takes to calm a date down and get her to loosen up will be to acknowledge what’s going on. “This is awkward. First dates always are though. Do you want to pretend it’s our second instead?” This is pretty funny and should let her know that you’re all right with her nervousness. Your laid-back attitude and ability to calm her down will get you major points later on. Look Like You’re Having Fun One of the main reasons your date might be acting like a stiff is because she thinks that you’re going to be bored. It makes her nervous and less likely to talk. Listen to her talk and really make sure that your face is going through the motions. React…

Three “Bad” Habits Women Actually Like

There’s a lot of dating advice floating out there that tells you to cut down on bad habits. While this is good advice, what they term as bad might actually not be. These three habits are what spring to mind when men think of bad habits to cut out to get laid. However, in the right situations these habits aren’t the turn off you’ve been taught they are. Dirt Under Your Nails Do you think that the absolute worst thing you can do is turn up to pick up your lady with dirt under your nails? That’s Dating 101 level stuff, right? Not always. If you normally work a job that doesn’t put calluses on your fingers a little dirt under your nails will make you more attractive to her eyes. Your girlfriend might be the enlightened feminist type of woman who doesn’t need her boyfriend to be able to build a log cabin with his bare hands, cook dinner over an open flame, or wrestle a bear. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want a guy who can hold his own with home repairs. It’s always a turn on to see the occasional proof that her man can do the tough things around the house. Don’t make it a…

Hygiene to Focus on For Your Hookup

While it’s common sense to shower before you end up meeting with your next gorgeous hookup, there are a few things that a lot of guys kind of gloss over. These are the things that are actually incredibly important to ladies out there, but for some reason, we always end up forgetting them. By knowing really what to focus on, however, you’ll actually end up being a real crowd pleaser, and you’ll end up having dates coming back to you again and again for more hookups. Fortunately, these are simple things, and really don’t take that much out of your time. Clean Your Junk It’s actually shocking how many guys just forget to really give their penis and everything else attached a good scrub. Think of all the things you want your woman to do with your junk. If you have it clean and smelling fresh, then she’s really going to be that much more gung-ho about it. This is why we highly recommend that you spend a little bit of extra time cleaning down there. If you take the time to do that, she’s going to notice, and she might even end up remarking on how much better it tastes and smells than any other guy’s. This will really…


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