Speed Dating: Kicking Your Relationship Up a Notch

Speed dating is by no means a new phenomenon. A bunch of singles get together and have about a minute to get to know another single. It’s a pretty basic concept. Some people might think that speed dating is for those who can’t get a lady on their own. That’s not true. Speed dating can ramp up your relationship with that person from the very beginning. The Pros By the time you’ve come to terms with wanting to get a serious relationship you’re probably going to be over the whole club scene. Sure the slutty women there will jump you in a heartbeat, but how long will they stick around after you get it on? Speed dating is a place to go where you can get down to business. You want to date seriously and so do they. Of course you could go online and try to get a woman there, but there are some serious issues waiting. What if that hot little veterinarian is actually Billy Bob, the mechanic from the next city over? Most women online are actually men in disguise. They play a mean game of getting lonely men to whack off to their fake profiles. Who knows why they do it, but the whole point is…

How to Handle a Drunk (And Still Have a Good Time)

The dating game isn’t always pretty. We’ve all had to contend with less than ideal dates or unexpected occurrences. The best way to handle an awkward situation is to roll with it and not stress out. However, sometimes those awkward situations can escalate pretty quickly. A prime example of this type of situation is if you’re date has a tendency to drink far too much. Going out with a woman who imbibes more alcohol than you and at a faster pace can be a recipe for a disaster. Thankfully there are a couple ways you can take control of the situation and either prevent the worst from happening or salvage what’s left of the date. Take Control If you’ve gone out with her before and noticed that she tends to over-indulge when it comes to booze, you can take certain steps to ensure it doesn’t happen often. Take control of your dating scenarios. Invite her over for a romantic dinner at your place and neglect to include wine with the meal. Take her out to movies or other places where alcohol isn’t served. If you go out to a sports game, insist on sharing her drink with her in order to slow and lower her consumption rate. Talk to Her…

How Being Too Obvious is Ruining Your Chances

When you first signup for a dating profile, you may be anxious to start meeting women. It almost seems too good to be true. There are hundreds of beautiful women that you could potentially talk to, but you are aware that other men will be vying for their attention so you try to act quickly and tell them everything you want them to know. Unfortunately, doing this does not always work out in the end. A woman is already fully aware that you’re interested in her the moment she receives a message from you, so when you message her putting everything on the table, it tends to be a turnoff for her. It Makes You Seem Desperate Sending a woman a message on a dating profile that pretty much just summarizes the information you have written in your profile, it will not help you gain her attention. When you tell her everything that you’re looking for as well as all the flaws and good things about you, it will make them feel like you are trying to sell them something. While you do want to make yourself seem like a good catch to her, you don’t want to come on too strong. You also don’t want to solely focus on…


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