Why You Should Go Lingerie Shopping With Her

You have probably been tempted to go out and buy a sexy outfit or some lingerie for your girlfriend or hookup, and maybe you’ve even already done it before. If you’ve done this before, you know that this can sometimes bring quite mixed reactions from the recipient. Some women will be happy to receive lingerie out of the blue while others will be upset or even offended. Going lingerie shopping together can solve most of these issues, so you should broach the subject with your woman and try and gauge her interest. Going shopping with her might usually be a pain, but it can be seriously be worth it to go lingerie shopping with her. You Get to See What She Looks Like in Different Lingerie Sets One of the biggest benefits to going lingerie shopping together is that she will, presumably, let you see what she looks like in the different lingerie outfits you wind up picking out. Sometimes you come across a lingerie set in a store that you think would look perfect on the woman you’re sleeping with, but sometimes your imagination sees things differently than reality. Taking the woman you’re sleeping with out to lingerie shop lets her try on sets that she might be more…

Speed Dating: Kicking Your Relationship Up a Notch

Speed dating is by no means a new phenomenon. A bunch of singles get together and have about a minute to get to know another single. It’s a pretty basic concept. Some people might think that speed dating is for those who can’t get a lady on their own. That’s not true. Speed dating can ramp up your relationship with that person from the very beginning. The Pros By the time you’ve come to terms with wanting to get a serious relationship you’re probably going to be over the whole club scene. Sure the slutty women there will jump you in a heartbeat, but how long will they stick around after you get it on? Speed dating is a place to go where you can get down to business. You want to date seriously and so do they. Of course you could go online and try to get a woman there, but there are some serious issues waiting. What if that hot little veterinarian is actually Billy Bob, the mechanic from the next city over? Most women online are actually men in disguise. They play a mean game of getting lonely men to whack off to their fake profiles. Who knows why they do it, but the whole point is…

Having Sex With Her While She’s on Her Period

One of the worst things that happens when you have a woman you hook up with regularly is when she tells you that she’s on her period. Most guys take this is a sudden no-flight zone and resign themselves to not having any sex until it’s over. However, having sex with a woman while she’s on her period might not be as gross as you think it might be. You don’t need to stick your face in there while she’s bleeding, but you can still usually have sex without it being anything too disturbing. If the woman you’re with is fine with it, you might want to try having sex while she’s on her period, and there are a few things you should keep in mind if you do. Keep Cleanliness in Mind The biggest concern you have about having sex with a woman on her period is most likely the issue of hygiene. Even on the heaviest part of a woman’s period, she isn’t going to be gushing blood on you. Things will probably get a little bit messy, so it will be in your best interest to put down a towel if you’re going to have sex on a bed or couch, but you shouldn’t be too worried…

Four Subtle Cues That She’s Brushing You Off

It can be hard to tell whether or not a woman is giving you the brush off. A lot of women don’t want to be harsh and rude, so they just don’t tell you when they’re not interested. This means you waste your time when there’s no chance. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You don’t want to stick around for anyone who doesn’t want you. These signs mean that she’s trying to give you a hint. Take it and find someone eager to have you. Short Replies Is she moving the conversation forward when you talk to her? She won’t always say things like “leave me alone.” Her brush offs might be more along the lines of “lol ok.” If she never or very rarely adds anything to the conversation you should take that as a clue. Consistently short replies are a major red flag. A shy woman will still make the effort. A woman who’d rather you didn’t talk to her will just keep her replies under fifty characters. She Brings up Other Women A woman who wants you isn’t going to keep bringing up ladies her own age. She wants to be the only woman in the world as far as you know. If she’s…


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