Why You Should Have a Different Standard for a Hookup than a Girlfriend

A lot of men have serious relationships before they start looking for hookups. If you’ve only had girlfriends before it can be hard to find a woman for a one night stand. You have a lot of things that “need” to be there before you can hookup. You need to relax and accept the fact that your hookups won’t be perfect. In fact, they’ll probably be far from it. This is okay, because your standards need to be different. Hookups Put Sex First Sex is important in a serious relationship, but not as important as general compatibility. Having great chemistry with someone isn’t enough to have a relationship. However, it is enough to have a hookup. Hookups are you chance to go after women who aren’t your type, but you feel a spark towards anyway. It doesn’t even matter if she’s a six as opposed to an eight. For one night, you can slum it with a woman you usually wouldn’t consider. There’s no pressure to perform with a woman you’re not going to see again anyway. You Don’t Have to Deal with Deal Breakers Does you hookup have a laugh that makes you want to listen to gravel in a grinder instead? That doesn’t matter. Does she chain smoke?…

Is Sending Nudes a Bad Move?

While there are a few exceptions, most women do not operate in the same manner as men. Many men see a woman and we automatically begin thinking about what she looks like out of her clothes and sprawled out on our beds. When women see an attractive man, they will admire his body, but they will also want to know more about him as a person. When a woman ends up seeing your nudes before she gets to know you, you may risk her losing interest in you right away. The reason this happens is because she will automatically assume that you are like every other man who openly and willingly sends nudes to women. Leave Something to the Imagination Believe it or not, women like to chase men just as much as we like to chase them. If a woman is seeing your nudes too soon, she may lose interest in you. When a woman sees your nudes before the two of you have had sex, she will be able to judge whether or not she wants to have sex with you based on what she sees. If she’s not impressed, you may not ever hear from her again. Women do not want you to be too easy to…

How Being Too Obvious is Ruining Your Chances

When you first signup for a dating profile, you may be anxious to start meeting women. It almost seems too good to be true. There are hundreds of beautiful women that you could potentially talk to, but you are aware that other men will be vying for their attention so you try to act quickly and tell them everything you want them to know. Unfortunately, doing this does not always work out in the end. A woman is already fully aware that you’re interested in her the moment she receives a message from you, so when you message her putting everything on the table, it tends to be a turnoff for her. It Makes You Seem Desperate Sending a woman a message on a dating profile that pretty much just summarizes the information you have written in your profile, it will not help you gain her attention. When you tell her everything that you’re looking for as well as all the flaws and good things about you, it will make them feel like you are trying to sell them something. While you do want to make yourself seem like a good catch to her, you don’t want to come on too strong. You also don’t want to solely focus on…


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